Last Updated 19 August 2022

The UK Government has set a timeline to end the production of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.

As part of the governments decarbonising transport plan, they have also committed to supporting the green bus revolution.

The public sector will play a leading role in the transition to sustainable transport by switching its fleet to low emission vehicles –  either Ultra Low Emission vehicles (ULEV) or Zero Emission vehicles (ZEV).

Buses currently make up 4% of the greenhouse gas emissions of road transport in the UK. So transitioning to zero emission buses also plays a critical role for the public sector in providing sustainable transport to towns, cities and rural communities.

There are lots of product options available and a range of fuel types – including battery electric and bio-gas or hydrogen fuelled buses. 

With a particular focus on whole life costs and the green agenda, our agreements are designed to enable access to a range of low or zero emission vehicles including alternative purchasing options to help you spread the cost

This is supported by our Fleet Portal providing insight and live competitive quotes to support the transition of your fleet.

Take a look at our agreements to find the full range of possibilities: 

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