Learn how London Borough of Sutton Council, used our Outsourced Contact Centre and Business Services agreement to improve their out of hours contact centre service.

Published 21 February 2024

Last updated 21 February 2024

The requirement

London Borough of Sutton Council, a local authority in South West London, sought to improve its out of hours contact centre service. They aimed to enhance customer service, obtain better information management, and reduce costs.

The solution

In 2022, the council decided to outsource its out of hours contact centre service through our Outsourced Contact Centre and Business Services (RM6181) agreement. Foundever, a specialist supplier on the agreement, was selected for their expertise and shared services model. The key components of the solution included improved customer service, enhanced information management, efficiency and cost savings.

Improved customer service

Foundever deployed a dedicated team of experienced contact centre staff to provide a high level of customer service. The team had access to resources like a customer relationship management (CRM) system and a knowledge base to efficiently address customer inquiries. With sensitive data handling requirements, London Borough of Sutton Council received added value from Foundever with the redesign of legacy processes and enhancing data security.

Enhanced information management

Foundever provided valuable data, including call volumes, customer satisfaction scores, and average handling times, enabling the council to identify areas for improvement.

Cost savings and efficiency

Outsourcing eliminated the need to employ and train in-house staff. The council benefitted from Foundever’s expertise and scalability to handle varying workloads effectively.

The results

This case study demonstrates the benefits of outsourcing to specialist providers, including improved service quality, cost savings, and the ability to focus on core priorities for local authorities. The commitment to partnership from the outset, going above and beyond the initial requirements is a testament to Foundever and the teams which manage and operate the service. Alex Marston, Deputy Head of Customer Experience at London Borough of Sutton Council said:

Foundever has provided us with an improved out of hours offering which has significantly increased answer rates, reduced average wait times and provided us with a much more robust and resilient service. I was impressed with how quickly the Foundever team was able to understand and deliver our business requirements for a complex service.

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