Do you need to renovate and refurbish your existing or new workspace?

Published 8 April 2019

Last updated 8 April 2019

The latest Fit Out agreement (RM6073) is now available providing services for design, renovation and refurbishment of new and existing buildings. Its’ purpose is to support the modernisation and rationalisation of the Government Estate.

What is Fit Out?

Fit out and refurbishment is the process of developing new interior spaces or existing spaces to support new and more efficient ways of working. The wider public sector have the ability to create agile or activity based working following a construction phase, acquisition of a new property or review of existing property.

There are many benefits of how an office fit out affects work performance such as increased productivity, wellbeing and employee satisfaction. In addition, workplace design plays a pivotal role in demonstrating a business’s values.

Fit-outs can take a number of different forms such as Shell & Core, CAT A or CAT B, depending on the level of interior specification requirements.

  • Shell & Core

This is the first stage of a buildings’ fit out which is provided by the developer and generally comprises of the basic structure of the building. This often includes key communal areas such as reception, lifts, stairwells, toilets and meeting rooms. Once completed, this space will simply be an empty “shell” on the inside.

CCS Fit Out

  • CAT A

A CAT A space primarily provided by a developer or landlord could be habitable, but is typically an open plan finish which is treated as a blank canvas. Typically a CAT A fit out will include: raised floors, suspended ceilings, basic electrical services, smoke alarms and finishes to internal walls.

  • CAT B

This follows on from a CAT A fit out and is the completion part; allowing you to transform the blank canvas into a functioning space. This is usually tailored to the individual requirements of the business, delivering custom design elements which reflect your brand and work ethos. This could include anything from furniture, break out spaces, meeting rooms and office amenities.

CCS Fit Out Agreement

Get Involved

With both UK and regional coverage, the fit out agreement provides either a traditional or design-and-build approach to your project and suppliers can advise on the best solutions to meet your requirements.

To find out more or if you have a specific question, please complete our form quoting RM6073 and one of our building experts will be in touch.