Find out how we can empower you to make the right recruitment decisions for your school and your temporary workers.

If you have seen the recent NASUWT ‘Better Deal for Supply Teachers’ campaign, and perhaps the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) and Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) responses to it, you may be left wondering where to turn to ensure you are doing the right thing for your school and your supply teachers.

Our Supply Teachers deal is a great place to start. Supported by the Department for Education it has been designed to address exactly the issues raised by NASUWT. It gives you a simple and compliant way to access the supply teachers and other temporary staff that you need from accredited and audited agencies. 

Peace of mind and a fair deal

Our deal will help you access a wide range of local and national recruitment agencies, ensure you pay competitive agency fees, and most importantly, that your workers get paid fairly too. 

The amount you pay your agency (often known as mark-up) can make a big difference to how much your workers get paid. Read our guidance on the impact of agency mark-up on worker pay for insight into the issue and how we can help you tackle it. 

No transfer fees

Through the CCS deal you will also benefit from no transfer fees to pay to make temporary workers permanent after 12 weeks. Simply give 4 weeks’ notice and you will save thousands of pounds. 

This can also be a useful way to help you quickly fill permanent posts and ensure you have the right candidate before you commit.

 Complex or high volume needs

If you manage recruitment for lots of schools or have complex or high volume needs, we recommend you consider a managed service solution. Katie Spraggon, Procurement and Contracts Manager, Northern Education Trust chose a managed service and has so far saved over £100,000 for her trust. She had this to say:

The framework provides the right quality of candidate to be student facing, whilst offering far more competitive rates, reducing spend and allowing for further investment in educational resources for our students.

Learn more about how you can benefit from a managed service in our case study from Katie.

We can empower you to make better recruitment decisions

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