From head teachers to clerical staff - we can help with all your temporary staffing needs

We understand the pressure schools, academies and other educational organisations are under to find the right temporary staff – particularly at a time of skills shortages.

Our deal will help you fill a wide range of temporary and fixed-term posts in both teaching and non-teaching roles. 


  • great value for money – schools are saving an average of 7%
  • complete transparency of costs
  • no costly temp to perm fees after 12 weeks (with 4 weeks’ notice) – typical saving of £4-5,000
  • safeguarding standards aligned with Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • peace of mind of pre-negotiated terms and conditions that favour schools 
  • simple to use online agency selection tool to help you find local agencies 
  • ability to still use your preferred ‘nominated’ workers
  • accredited and regularly audited agencies

Rachelle Reynolds and Emily Lont from the Supply Teachers team

Your service options

There are 3 service options you can choose from. The preferred supplier list is the ideal option for most schools. However, you might prefer to use a managed service if:

  • you have a high volume of vacancies
  • are managing vacancies for several schools
  • are managing several supply agencies
  • Preferred supplier list (lot 1)

    This list is supported by the agency selection tool. You’ll need to know the type of worker and length of assignment you need. You can contact suppliers directly. Complete the short order form for each agency you want to work with.

    Find out more about lot 1

  • Master vendor managed service (lot 2)

    Master vendors provide workers directly from their resource pool or from other suppliers in their approved supply chain. There are several suppliers, so you’ll need to run a further competition to find the best supplier for your needs.

    Find out more about lot 2

  • Neutral vendor managed service (lot 3)

    A neutral vendor creates contracts with other suppliers to fulfil your requirements. They don’t provide candidates of their own. As there is only one supplier available in this lot, you can contact them directly to sign an order form.

    Find out more about lot 3

Get started with the preferred supplier list

Understand mark-up

It’s really important to pay attention to the agency mark-up rate when sourcing supply teachers and temporary staff through agencies. It doesn’t just affect the rate you pay, it can also make a big difference to how much your worker will get paid.

Learn more about agency mark-up

Find an agency

The online agency selection tool will help you find suitable agencies in your area and view their mark-up rates. As the mark-up rates you will see are maximum rates you can negotiate to get a better rate.

You will need to log in using your DfE single sign-in:

You will also find a list of currently accredited suppliers in the documents section of the framework page. Please note, mark-up rates are not shown on this version as it is commercially sensitive information.

Complete the short order form

We recommend that you complete this simple form for each of the agencies you’d like to work with. This will mean you are ready to go when you next have a vacancy to fill. 

Even if you are already using agencies on the Supply Teachers deal, it’s really important to sign the short order form with each of these agencies. If you don’t, you won’t receive the benefits of the deal, such as no temp to perm fees.

“Thanks to your guidance I felt empowered to challenge the agency on their mark-up. I am so grateful that you shared this information, as I now feel confident in my ability to get value for money.”
Emma Searl
Chief Finance Officer, The New Guild Trust

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You’ll find further useful information about the deal and how to get started in this section.

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