Read how one multi-academy trust benefitted from our Supply Teachers deal.

Published 14 May 2021

Last updated 19 May 2021

Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust (BDAT) is a multi-academy trust with 17 academies across the Bradford area. 

Historically, when BDAT needed to recruit temporary staff, the academies used several agencies on varying terms and conditions. 

This made agency management difficult for BDAT, while the individual academies were not always getting the best value for money. 

At an Executive Educators event in early 2020, a discussion with our category experts led Peter Thompson, the trust’s Chief Operating Officer, to reconsider how BDAT used agencies for their staffing needs.  As Peter explained:

I wanted to reduce the number of agencies we used as a trust, to drive value and promote quality and compliance. After discussions with the executive team, we agreed that we wanted to work with the agencies on Crown Commercial Service’s framework. This would allow us to enjoy cost savings, better compliance and quality, and terms and conditions written in our favour.

Making agencies work for you

To make the vision a reality, BDAT first needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of how each of the 17 academies used agencies. 

Peter added:

With the support of CCS, I reviewed our agency spend and usage. For each academy we worked out, year on year, what they spent on agencies. We also identified which agencies our schools were using and what we were using them for.

From here, the CCS Supply Teachers team got rate cards from the framework agencies BDAT were interested in using and, following vetting, drew up short order forms for those selected for a preferred supplier list.  

Peter explained the benefits of working with agencies on a preferred supplier list:

We know from the outset what the cost will be and the margin the agency is making. This has given an element of control over spend as the rate cards set out the maximum rate an agency can charge, inflation-proofing the rates and guaranteeing that academies would not be charged a premium for in-demand supply in shortage categories. 

Other benefits the trust is enjoying include the savings potential, increased compliance and quality, standard and consistent terms and conditions, and the ability to make temporary staff permanent after 12 weeks with 4 weeks notice with no fees being charged by the agency. 

Looking to the future, BDAT will have the ongoing support of the CCS team throughout the life of the contract, to consistently review and optimise performance

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