From basking in glorious sunshine to flash flooding, thunderstorms and lightning, all in 1 week.

The great British weather…

And although we’re not wishing the summer away, it won’t be long until the days start to shorten and the beautiful autumn colours arrive.

We understand that facilities managers face daily challenges in ensuring your sites are kept to a high standard. So while we can’t control the weather, we can help you plan for seasonal activities, limiting potential autumn threats to ensure that your sites’ facilities are taken care of.

Check out our top tips to help protect your property this autumn

Roofs and gutters

Can your roof withstand our ever changing climate? From high temperatures to heavy rain, make sure your roof is well weathered. Now is the perfect time to check your roof for any loose tiles or slates. Look at your gutters and clear out any debris or leaves which might affect water drainage.

Heating and draught-proofing

The great British summer doesn’t last long and nobody wants to be cold. Get your boiler ready for winter. A well maintained boiler burns less fuel – save money and avoid any breakdowns by getting your boiler inspected and serviced.

Do you have back-up power and emergency generators? No one can predict the UK weather and power cuts. Having a standby generator provides backup power protection during an outage. Different sizes are available to either backup essential circuits or complete coverage for your business. Whether it’s for lighting, computers, heating or security, it’s important to have a backup power plan in place.


As our natural daylight reduces, check that you have sufficient outside lights to keep your property well lit. Have you maintained your street lighting? Light levels can decrease due to dirt so keep your fixtures cleaned on a regular basis.

Equally, make sure your indoor lighting is ready for autumn. Lighting isn’t just essential for the obvious reasons but can also contribute to a business’ energy costs. Convert traditional light bulbs to energy efficient lighting and control usage through automated lighting in your building.


With longer nights, keeping your buildings and occupants safe is essential. Make sure your security protections are in place. From mobile security, remote monitoring, manned guarding and technology solutions, there’s lots of ways to ensure you have the most effective security solutions.

Ground maintenance

Don’t wait until autumn to put your ground maintenance programme in place. When leaves start to drop, paved areas can become slippery with leaf algae and mould – use a high pressure washer to keep your paths clear. Trim trees to get rid of any dead branches, prune back hedges and tidy borders. It’s not a jungle out there.

And although we can’t think of winter just yet, check your supplies of rock salt for gritting paths when the weather starts to freeze.

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