Deploying your new technology devices can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve invested in a large volume at once and need to roll them out quickly to employees.

Feedback from our local authority customers has shown that some believe they need to turn to 3rd parties for services such as imaging to help deploy Apple devices. We wanted to bust that myth to help you save time and money by letting you know about the Apple device enrolment programme which enables devices to be ready within minutes rather than days or weeks.

Whether you have ten Apple devices or ten thousand, it’s easy to deploy and manage them with Apple Business Manager. This free web-based portal works seamlessly with mobile device management solutions, so you can set up Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV over the air— without any need for manual configuration.

Device enrolment is a feature of Apple Business Manager that provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. Apple devices are automatically enrolled into your mobile device management (MDM) system, wirelessly as part of the normal out-of-the-box setup—without any manual configuration.

What are the benefits?

The automated device enrolment feature of Apple Business Manager provides the following key benefits to your users:

  • an easy unboxing experience
  • zero-touch device configuration for IT
  • streamlined, customisable device setup
  • a centralised portal to manage device deployment, purchase and distribute content, and
  • manage roles in the organisation
  • mandatory and non-removable MDM enrolment
  • iPhone and iPad supervision to enable additional capabilities like clearing Activation Lock

Find out more

For further information to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Apple devices and Apple Business Manager, please contact Colin Hammond, Head of UK Public Sector at Apple, at

Devices from Apple and other suppliers are available through our Technology Products and Associated Services framework. If you have any questions about buying IT hardware, off-the-shelf software and associated services at the best price through CCS, please get in touch.

We also run a regular programme of IT hardware aggregations where we combine customer requirements to achieve even greater savings. To find out more about aggregation, go to our aggregation page.