Sustainable solutions at the heart of new transport technology agreement designed to help customers with decarbonisation across their procurement portfolio


Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded a new agreement for transport management technology – with a dedicated lot for sustainable transport solutions and key improvements to service delivery.

The re-branded Transport Technology and Associated Services [RM6099] agreement builds and expands on the success of our Traffic Management Technology 2 framework, due to expire at the end of the month, to include capability not only for traffic but also aviation, rail and marine.

The new agreement will continue to deliver core services and products such as transport professional services, ANPR, pedestrian control solutions and signage and lighting, but there will be a much stronger focus on sustainable technology. Customers can now procure smart traffic management technologies to tackle air pollution, vehicle charging solutions as well as hydrogen and intelligent transportation systems (i.e autonomous vehicles), through a dedicated sustainable transport technologies lot. 

It is just one of a range of solutions from CCS designed to help our customers with decarbonisation across their procurement portfolio. 

For the first time, our customers will also be able to procure state of the art software for asset data capture, processing and exchange services and geographic information systems (GIS).  

Transport Technology and Associated Services will go live on 26 October 2021 and run for 4 years. Call-off contract durations can be from 2 to 7 years depending on which Lot is used.

Philip Orumwense, Commercial Director and Chief Technology Procurement Officer, Crown Commercial Service says of the new sustainable transport technology agreement: 

With many government initiatives focused on decarbonisation, carbon net zero, the shift to electric vehicles, improving air quality and tackling congestion, it is necessary for the transport sector to adjust and play their part in supporting these projects. This replacement framework truly reflects and represents their expectations and provides the platform for the country to build back greener.

It is yet another example of how CCS is working with customers to help them overcome their carbon net zero challenges.

Helping customers establish ‘Clean Air Zones’

Across the UK, smart traffic management technology is helping tackle many sources of air pollution by incentivising and regulating driver behaviour. It’s also being used to create Clean Air Zones (CAZ). 

The new framework will provide monitoring and enforcement solutions – enabling customers to procure high definition licence plate recognition ANPR cameras that record which vehicle has travelled through the CAZ so that charges can be issued as appropriate.


  • The lots have been simplified and reduced down from 15 to 7. The new structure reduces the need for customers to separate their requirements across multiple lots.
  • All suppliers are automatically added to Lot 7 (catalogue), making it quicker and easier for them to upload products and for customers to purchase low value items.
  • The scope of the framework has been expanded to include aviation, marine and rail to appeal to a broader target audience and support cross industry innovation.
  • A move to public sector contracting terms and conditions to create an easier, more flexible route to market and tailored for the customer specific operational needs
  • A new dedicated Sustainable Transport Technologies (Lot 5) has been introduced. 
  • The new agreement aims to build on the progress made on making it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to become suppliers. It includes 77 suppliers, 44% of which are SMEs. This is compared to 30% SME suppliers for Traffic Management Technology 2.

Lotting structure

The lots will comprise:

Lot 1 – Transport Professional Services

Lot 2 – Transport & Pedestrian Control

Lot 3 – Transport Signage & Lighting

Lot 4 – Transport Data Services

Lot 5 – Sustainable Transport Technologies

Lot 6 – Major Transport Solutions

Lot 7 – Catalogue

Find out more

To find out more about our new sustainable transport technology agreement watch our on demand webinar, visit the agreement webpage or contact the CCS Service Desk at or 0345 410 2222.

Don’t forget, you can find a full list of all the commercial agreements we offer, alongside details of how we can help you build policy considerations into your procurement, in our interactive digital brochure.