The latest iteration of our Print Management framework (RM6170) is now live. It provides the entire public sector access to suppliers who can offer a fully managed end-to-end print management service.

It is ideal for organisations with complex print requirements and who therefore require the support and expertise of a print management partner. 

Services such as bulk printing and secure print and distribution are available, in addition to more specialist solutions such as printing in alternative formats. The framework also provides access to associated services such as scanning and shredding.

The framework has 2 lots: 

  • Lot 1 is a single supplier agreement suitable for strategic and transformational requirements. HH Global is the supplier. 
  • Lot 2 caters to organisations that wish to engage in further market competition. It consists of 6 suppliers: 
    • Allied Publicity Services (Manchester) Limited
    • Corporate Document Services Ltd
    • Cubiquity Ltd
    • Harlow Printing Limited
    • PSL Print Management Ltd
    • Williams Lea Ltd

Suppliers have been chosen for their value and flexibility. This means you can be sure the suppliers on this framework can service a wide range of print requirements in a cost-effective way, demonstrating value for the public sector. 

The framework agreement runs for 4 years. 

Let us bring power to your printing needs

For further information about how to engage either lot, or advice on which lot may be the most appropriate for your requirements, please contact our team of experts. 

Any buyers with call-off contacts on the framework’s previous iteration, RM3785, are advised to contact us as soon as possible so that the most appropriate route to market is engaged well before contract expiration.

For more information on the new framework – visit the framework page.