Switching to hybrid mail could easily save you up to 35% of your spend on mail activities. We help you find out how.

With organisations looking to switch to smarter ways of working, find out if moving to hybrid mail or a digital mailroom solution could work for you.

What is hybrid mail and digital mailroom?

Hybrid mail can cater for large mailing volumes or a single letter to a recipient with the click of a mouse. Hybrid mail opens up opportunities for significant mail discounts, because a supplier can consolidate your output with those of other mailers.

It is the ability to produce your mail at another location like a mail factory where outbound correspondence is routed from anywhere in your organisation to be printed and mailed, or even bulk emails and SMS messages. This reduces the reliance on franking machines or folder inserters and capital expenditure business cases.

The digital mailroom looks after your incoming physical mail. It is scanned and converted into a digital format for routing to teams or individuals.  This solution means that staff can access inbound mail from their desktop, from any location, rather than having to wait for physical mail to be distributed.

The benefits of using hybrid mail

There are many benefits to your organisation of using this approach:

• savings on floor space, storage and consumables

• no capital expenditure required

• flexible solutions that can adapt to your outbound and inbound volumes

• savings on postage, access volume related discounts and pre-sort discounts

• access to latest IT technology

• email and SMS capability to communicate effectively with your end users

• easy to use with a full audit trail allowing you to track and manage what is sent

• reduction in carbon footprint with less deliveries and collections

• can be accessed whether resources are working from home or in the office

Supporting Government’s Smarter Working Strategy

Our Hybrid Mail solutions enable all the advantages of being in the office, whilst supporting Smarter Working, and provide you with a full audit trail of your mail from creation to print and with a Mailmark discount and tracking to Royal Mail handover. You have full control over the postage class, whether this be first or second class.

It allows you to communicate with your customers in a way that ensures you get the best outcome, whilst delivering efficiencies and savings.

If you struggled getting your mail during the recent pandemic lockdowns, then our digital mailroom solutions provide you with an option to have physical mail scanned and delivered to your computer or your team. Digital copies take up a lot less space and can be shared with those who need it with a full audit trail.

Our Digital Mailroom solution supports the Government’s Smarter Working Strategy by:

•   open, scan and transmit digitally to teams or individuals

•   receiving mail for multiple addresses

•   scanning all types of documents

•   creating digital records

•   reducing carbon footprint

•   creating savings similar to outbound hybrid

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