Are you struggling to find suitable local accommodation for your higher education students? Do you need to expand or refurbish your campus? We’re here to help.

Published 28 October 2022

Last updated 28 October 2022

We can help higher education institutions expand student accommodation across the UK, says Darren Moore, Head of Offsite Construction at CCS.

Universities and colleges are facing increasing pressure to provide affordable student accommodation, with demand outstripping supply by 3:1, according to ISO Space. Both The Guardian and ITV news report that many students across the UK are having to live in different cities to their chosen place of study. Not only does this result in additional travel costs, it can also make it difficult for students to fully embrace their higher education experience.

The current strain on the student housing market has been fuelled by an increase in the number of 18-year-olds applying to study, combined with a national housing shortage, increased rents and landlords switching to Airbnb. With an ongoing student mental health crisis, universities and colleges need to find quick and effective solutions to ensure that students are not facing additional pressure on top of any financial and wellbeing worries they may have.

We have a number of flexible solutions that can help you increase your accommodation capacity in the short and long term.

How we can help

Modular buildings

Our Modular Building Solutions framework offers a quick and effective way to tackle the UK-wide shortage of student accommodation. Modular buildings are simple to construct and provide cost effective temporary and permanent accommodation solutions. 

Modern modular buildings can be designed to match your requirements and can range from a standalone detached house to a small block of modern apartments – enabling you to build solutions that fit your campus and space. Constructed off site, these buildings have speed and efficiency at their core, meaning you can continue with your business as usual whilst construction takes place. For example, Reading Borough Council created 40 modular facilities for the homeless population to keep them warm and dry through winter months. 


We know that a commitment to climate change is vitally important to you. With this in mind, modular buildings can go a long way to supporting sustainability. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is common across the offsite construction industry, increasing the focus on energy efficiency. You can opt to use green technologies like solar panels at design stage to make your accommodation more sustainable. 

In addition, modular buildings can help reduce your carbon footprint, with many being created from recycled materials. Typically 67% less energy is used in creating a modular building versus its equivalent traditional build. They also require less heavy good vehicle traffic and less noise and air pollution.

Construction Works and Associated Services

As the student population continues to increase and private accommodation options decrease, you may also be looking for permanent building solutions. 

Our Construction Works and Associated Services framework (CWAS) can be used as a more permanent solution to regenerate, refurbish or expand your campus and student accommodation offering. 

The framework facilitates a whole life cost approach and enables you to alter the quality and cost weightings at competition stage to meet your individual budget. 

With sustainability in mind, the framework also works hard to help customers and suppliers work together to achieve sustainable solutions throughout the lifecycle of a project, with a focus on the whole life cost approach, waste reduction and high quality standards.

The framework is designed to work fast and flexibly, so you can maximise the periods of the year when students are off campus. It provides a streamlined, guided route to access a comprehensive pre-approved selection of suppliers accessible through all procurement routes, tendering methods, design methodologies and payment arrangements.

Want to find out more?

As the largest public procurement organisation in the UK, we have a range of tailored solutions to help you expand your campus and student accommodation offering.

To find out more about how CCS can help you add power to your procurement, download our updated digital brochure, or to discuss your student accommodation requirements email and you’ll be connected to your relevant regional contact.