In this blog you’ll find out how we can continue to help you put in place solutions so you keep delivering vital frontline services.

2020 has been an extraordinary year and we’ve been on hand to support you with your various requirements, some of which have been quite urgent. 

From the movements of laptops and office equipment to support working from home to how you obtain signage or communicate with your customers using print and post right through to how we can support you with digitisation of your services. 

Our Document Management and Logistics solutions group covers: 

  • courier services (including specialist courier)
  • records and information management 
  • postal goods, services and solutions 
  • managed print and content services 
  • multi-functional devices 
  • logistics and warehousing 
  • print management and print marketplace

Read more to find out how we can assist with your every need and help you put in place services and solutions from printers and copiers to specialist courier services.   

Here is an overview of our all commercial agreements in this group:

Courier services

Through our courier services agreement (RM3798) you can: 

  • move items which require enhanced insurance and liabilities such as laptops and mobile phones 
  • access core courier services such as same day, next day and inter-site collection and delivery services 

To complement our courier services agreement, we also have a specialist courier services agreement (RM3799) which will help with the movement of more specialist requirements; specimens, samples, disposal and destruction solutions – solutions which are subject to strict handling requirements.

Postal goods, services and solutions

Our postal goods, services and solutions agreement (RM6017) is a one-stop shop solution for all your postal service needs: 

  • whether you are looking to lease or purchase a franking machine right through to hybrid mail solutions which can help you to communicate with your customers whilst you may be working from home, including reminders by text message or email 
  • digital mailroom solutions which can open, scan, screen and digitise inbound mail to reduce the amount of handling of items on site 

Multifunctional devices, managed print services and records management

This agreement provides following solutions:

  • solution to lease or purchase your printers through our multifunctional devices and records management agreement (RM3781) 
  • access to print management software to help you put in place a hybrid mailing or better manage your information workflow
  • solutions to not only physically store your records but also to digitise and scan all your records, so they are available regardless of where your staff may be working from

Print management services

Our print management services agreement (RM6170) provides a fully managed, end-to-end  print service catering for all your print needs. 

We have it covered in this agreement:

  • operational print (day to day printing for businesses), 
  • transactional print (billing services, database management, direct mailing)
  • security print (such as any sensitive mailing, including cheques)

The print marketplace

Our brand new print marketplace solution is now live.  

  • The new platform creates instant pricing for a range of simple printed items from suppliers’ estimating systems and allows a print job to be quoted, created and paid for within the supplier environment 
  • Over 90% of the supply base are SMEs  

This new innovative solution allows you ease of access and a point of sale transaction. See for yourself how easy it is to use by watching our video.

Logistics and warehousing

Our new logistics and warehousing solution (RM6074) was launched in November 2020. 

  • It allows you to access a wide range of services including the collection, receipt, warehousing/storage, management, processing and onward distribution 
  • It is the first logistics and warehousing commercial agreement available in the marketplace, created specifically for central government, charities and wider public sector organisations.

Get started

Our agreements are here to help you save you time and money.  On average customers save between 9% – 30% by using our solutions.

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more information on the above please visit our Document Management and Logistics solutions web page, or alternatively, if you would like to speak to a category expert at CCS, please complete our short contact form and we will be in touch.