Last Updated 17 August 2022

We are developing replacements for the current Heat Network and Electricity Generations Assets (HELGA) DPS agreement, learn more about it.

The Estates Decarbonisation team have been developing the new replacements for the current Heat Network and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA) DPS Agreement. 

The new Demand Management and Renewables (DMR) DPS and Framework will provide effective routes to market from solar panels to heat networks that can support organisations’ decarbonisation strategies and targets.

The DMR DPS is expected to be available to customers from early November 2022. The DPS has improved filtering structure and updated procurement policy that will provide access to SMEs and large energy providers via further competition procurement.

The DMR Framework is expected to launch in May 2023. This new traditional framework approach will provide customers with a route to market within the following 5 Lot areas with customers able to utilise industry call-off options and an Alliance contract approach.

  • Lot 1 – Solar Photovoltaic 
  • Lot 2 – Battery energy storage
  • Lot 3 – Heat Pumps
  • Lot 4 – Heat Networks 
  • Lot 5 – CNZ Consultancy

The team will be hosting a webinar in the coming weeks to provide a wider update. If you would be interested in being part of the evaluation of the DMR Framework next year or would like to understand our strategy further, please contact the team at