To help with your additional cleaning needs during the current coronavirus pandemic, our new Building Cleaning Services dynamic purchasing system (DPS) provides access to a range of cleaning services

As we now move to the recovery stage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we understand that your organisation will have additional cleaning needs to ensure your workplace is COVID-secure. In line with recently published guidance from BEIs, our new Building Cleaning Services dynamic purchasing system (DPS) provides easy access to a range of internal, external and ad hoc deep cleaning services to ensure that your organisation is safe for reopening and thereafter.

The DPS has been designed to provide flexibility for both customers and suppliers and is available for use by all public sector organisations, including central government, wider public sector, charities and third sector.

The advantage of using the DPS and working with CCS means customers have the opportunity to benefit from:

  • a simpler, quicker process for suppliers means CCS maximise the opportunity for local suppliers to bid for public sector business
  • a quick and easy automated selection process matches a list of qualifying suppliers that meet the customers’ requirements
  • as suppliers can join at any time, customers benefit from a constantly updated supplier list
    creating their own specifications, in a way that suits their needs, giving flexibility based on the customers individual requirements.
  • pre-agreed core terms established in line with best commercial practice to provide legal protection for customers and suppliers
  • access to category expertise and a range of support functions for the life of any contract awarded under the DPS

To find out how you can access the DPS, visit our agreement page or get in touch via

We’d also encourage you to get your current suppliers, across the UK, onboard the Building Cleaning Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).