In this Crown Hosting case study we explain why the Ministry of Justice has been using the Crown Hosting data centre for over 6 years.

Published 5 May 2021

Last updated 5 May 2021

The requirement

Back in 2015 the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) wanted to achieve greater savings over their previous hosting contracts, and take advantage of advances in technology. They also wanted to meet their green agenda targets by reducing the number of data centres they had following departmental mergers.  

The solution

The ministry decided to move to the Crown Hosting framework as they were impressed with the quality and security of the data centre. They were confident it was the right environment to host their services, and that it would also meet their business continuity, green agenda, data standards and connectivity requirements. The team at the MoJ found it really easy working with CCS’s Crown Hosting experts, and the resulting solution was simple to procure. 

The Crown Hosting framework provides hyperscale data centre colocation facilities, which provide users with significant cost savings, operational efficiency and sustainability measures. It caters for anything from 4kW rack space to 200kW private rooms, and up to top secret security clearance. Additional services include smart hands for escorting or simple tasks, data cabling to enable connectivity, and optical network connectivity between sites.

The results

6 years on they are still happy with Crown Hosting, as it continues to provide by far the best value and service compared to other options. They are also pleased to have benefited from an impressive 87.5% reduction in their framework fee charges. This is because as take up of Crown Hosting by other government departments and arm’s length bodies has grown over the years every customer has reaped the rewards – the more customers that use the framework, the better value it has become for all. 

The fact that Crown Hosting is a joint venture has been very beneficial to the MoJ. The deep understanding of central government’s needs and the proactive management of the framework has been proven in the 100% service reliability, and through the regular customer consultation and support. For example, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic customers have received monthly reports detailing site access requirements for engineers to ensure safety and business continuity. The ‘Safe Hands’ service means customers can be confident that routine tasks, such as powering up servers and plugging in equipment, are carried out without risk to their own staff, and no unnecessary journeys are made.

The ministry’s green agenda has also been met, and they continue to measure carbon footprint savings as Crown Hosting enables them to track energy consumption.

Roy Godfrey, Service Owner for Technology Services at the Ministry of Justice said:

We have been successfully using the Crown Hosting framework for many years to supply technology services for over 60,000 users with fixed, portable and mobile devices. We are operating this hosting environment as a natural stepping stone toward exploiting the public cloud in the delivery of our future services.

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The Crown Hosting Data Centres and Crown Commercial Service joint venture was agreed after a comprehensive tender process to identify best value against a number of critical government criteria including energy efficiency, resilience, security, sustainability and both contractual and deployment flexibility. To find out more:

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