Last updated 7 September 2023

Crown Commercial Service awards a new Demand Management and Renewables Agreement, accelerating the UK's net zero goals by helping improve public sector energy consumption and efficiency.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded a new Demand Management and Renewables Agreement (RM6314), which aims to accelerate the UK’s net zero goals by helping improve the public sector’s energy consumption and efficiency. This new framework is one of 2 replacements for the current Heat Network and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA) DPS Agreement. The other replacement is Demand Management and Renewables DPS Agreement (RM6313).

The new Demand Management and Renewables Agreement (DMR) provides a route to market for all UK Public Sector organisations to support their decarbonisation strategies. It is the first traditional framework within CCS’s wider construction and decarbonisation offering.

Decarbonise the public sector with renewable resources and energy efficiency

Our new agreement builds on the progress in helping hundreds of public sector customers, putting energy efficiency and renewable power at its centre. The agreement will support customers within the following 5 energy efficiency areas, including: 

  • Lot 1 – Solar photovoltaic projects
  • Lot 2 – Battery energy storage 
  • Lot 3 – Heat pump projects (air source and ground source) 
  • Lot 4 – Heat network (design and build) 
  • Lot 5 – Carbon Net Zero / Sustainability consultancy 

It will also include consultancy services, allowing our customers to gain access to sustainability expertise to help them maximise the potential of their decarbonisation strategies. 

The new DMR agreement, like our Construction agreements, uses FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract terms and conditions that allow public sector organisations to establish alliance contracts for certain projects. 

Reduce emissions and consumption in the built environment

The built environment is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact. The public sector will continue to play a significant role in the country’s journey toward net zero by providing buildings for millions of citizens accessing public services. 

The new DMR agreement supports heat decarbonisation strategies by allowing customers to install heat pumps to reduce an estate’s gas consumption and heat network design and infrastructure for more extensive heat decarbonisation strategies.

Choose alternative electricity generation

Solar PV panels offer an economical alternative to generating electricity, from public and residential buildings to park and ride buses. The cost of solar PV has significantly reduced over the past 15 years, with the payback period on the initial investment decreasing too. 

Solar projects can support electricity demand across your estate and generate potential income if you export to the grid through your energy supplier. 

Using the new DMR, our customers will have access to suppliers that can support solar projects that can help reduce electricity costs over a certain period while supporting decarbonisation targets and increasing the security of energy supply, explains John Welch, Deputy Director for Construction at Crown Commercial Service.

The new DMR RM6314, combined with our Dynamic Purchasing System (RM6313), will provide effective routes to the market for varying decarbonisation projects that can support public sector decarbonisation strategies.

Climate change and social value

Social value in procurement is about making sure that what you buy creates additional benefits for society. To get it right, you need to start thinking about how to apply it to what you are buying as early as possible.

Our DMR agreement and Dynamic Purchasing System can help you meet critical sustainability goals by reducing emissions in the areas that contribute the most to your carbon footprint. For example, you can improve the energy performance of your existing estate by:

  • including plans for solar power generation and battery energy storage in your estate’s infrastructure
  • installing heat and air source pumps to improve the energy performance of your buildings
  • integrating environmental standards as part of the tender process for contracts to promote sustainability in your supply chain

Build social value into every step of the procurement process, from project scoping to contract award, to achieve wider financial and non-financial outcomes, including improving the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the environment.

Access to a diverse and innovative supplier base

Access to innovation is critical to meeting the UK’s carbon emissions target. Our new agreement is designed to attract a supplier base that keeps pace with an expanding sustainability market. 

Our DMR agreement includes a blend of large Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and specialist SMEs. Many of our ESCOs are supported by their specialist SME supply chain for specific projects, says John. 

Offering innovative funding options

To help overcome the challenges of funding public sector decarbonisation projects, customers can take advantage of the new DMR agreement through direct awards and Government and grant funding. 

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