From repatriating Britons to arranging emergency accommodation for the vulnerable, we have been involved in numerous projects to support our customers and the wider public.

Published 27 November 2020

Last updated 27 November 2020

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the CCS travel team, supported by our framework suppliers, has supported a variety of customers with their complex, unique and often urgent requirements. 

In the early days of the pandemic, our category experts played a vital role in the repatriation of British nationals and their families from overseas. We also played a critical role securing emergency accommodation for rough sleepers and victims of domestic abuse. 

We have continued to support the response throughout the pandemic, with our travel team helping to facilitate:

  • the booking of over 620,000 room nights for key workers, vulnerable people and the asylum community. This involved booking venues for exclusive use along with individual rooms.
  • the return of 40,000 people to the UK on repatriation flights – either on commercial flights or on the 184 charters arranged by our framework suppliers CTM
  • coaches to transport those returning to the UK from the airport to isolation facilities – along with providing specialised vehicles, when needed
  • our suppliers provided other services such as support for managing loans, to allow passengers to pay for repatriation flights and sourcing essential products such as microwaves and clothing for people required to go into quarantine immediately after arriving in the UK. 

Some of highlights of the work we’ve done to support our customers throughout the pandemic:

Let us take the strain

From helping repatriate Britons to securing temporary accommodation, assisted by our suppliers, we have responded at pace to our customers’ unique and varied requirements. But, with COVID-19 still placing restrictions on our daily lives, we know the job is far from over.

The travel team at CCS stand ready to assist with all your travel needs. For example, we are currently supporting several universities with their end-to-end transportation requirements and providing accommodation for the vulnerable.

Whatever your needs, our experts will have the solution.

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