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Booking business travel has never been easier, cheaper or faster. Our  agreements provide all your travel, accommodation and venue needs, and are where you’ll find the best rates in the industry on:

  • UK and overseas accommodation: a variety of accommodation is available through our frameworks. The CCS Negotiated Accommodation Programme covers more than 550 cities within the United Kingdom and overseas, and negotiated rates for more than 2,400 properties 
  • rail travel: CCS offers access to exclusive discounted rates with several train operating companies across selected routes
  • air travel: for travel from the UK on both domestic and international flights the CCS Negotiated Air Programme currently offers a ‘Best in Class’ programme, offering access to discounts on over 5,000 routes across 40 airlines
  • meeting venues: a wide range of UK and overseas meeting spaces to suit all budgets, from free government space, 3rd sector venues, to SMEs and commercial venues.
  • crisis support: our travel frameworks have delivered solutions to support a range of crises including: COVID-19 repatriation flights and Managed Quarantine Services, accommodation for asylum seekers and Ukrainian refugees. 

Note: DigiTS has now closed. Please contact your organisation’s travel policy team to find out how your organisation now books travel.

DigiTS has now closed. Please contact your organisation’s travel policy team to find out how your organisation now books travel.

Our Travel frameworks

Whether you’re hiring vehicles, booking flights, managing rail travel or organising meeting venues, you can count on us to help you find the right solution at the best price.

  • Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6217)

    Our travel agreement offers the best rates in the industry on everything from a variety of accommodation, domestic/ international flights, train travel and venue find (including hybrid and virtual).  The agreement also provides access to our negotiated programmes for air, rail and accommodation through your travel management company.

    Find out more about this framework

  • Public Sector Global Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6164)

    This agreement provides customers with one Travel Management Company (TMC) to provide all your travel needs, a “one stop shop”, including a variety of accommodation types and meeting and venue solutions.  The agreement also provides access to our negotiated programmes for air, rail and accommodation through your TMC.

    Find out more about this framework

Existing travel agreement coming to an end?

If your travel agreement is coming to an end soon, now is the time for you to consider your options going forward, as the transition process can take up to 12 weeks. 

  • Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6217)

    This is our newest travel, accommodation and venues agreement.  We have looked to future proof this offering to ensure that both the lessons learned during covid times and our customers ever changing needs have been taken into account:

    • lots 1-3 provide booking solutions with a Travel Management Company provider for all of your travel and accommodation needs, including a variety of accommodation, air and rail transportation
    • all lots support business travel, with Lots 2 and 3 offering our customers the opportunity to book accommodation and travel for members of the public as may be required during a crisis
    • lot 4 provides specialist providers for venue and events bookings, including virtual, hybrid, and face to face options

    Find out more

  • Public Sector Global Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6164)

    This agreement went live June 2020 and provides you with a choice of one Travel Management Company (TMC) to deliver all your travel needs through two lot options:

    • lot A provides bookings from the UK and overseas points of sale (the country where travel is booked and paid for) 
    • lot B includes UK and overseas (booked from the UK only) 
    • both lots include meeting and venue solutions with your one TMC provider for a “one stop stop” solution

    If you are looking for travel for crisis management aspects or the ability to have hybrid and virtual meetings please take a look at our Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6217) offering above.

    Find out more

Crisis management and supporting agreements

Do you need more to support your Crisis Management Solution? 

For CCS solutions to support your non-travel related crises, please see the following agreements:

Some other supporting agreements which maybe of your interest.

  • Payment Solutions (RM3828)

    Offering a range of Procurement Card Solutions for purchases across your organisation including solutions to pay for Business Travel Bookings and Expense.

    Find out more

  • Public Sector Vehicle Hire Solutions (RM6013)

    Offering customers access to a wide range of short or long-term hire vehicles in the UK and overseas. This framework can support you with your vehicular requirements whilst travelling.

    Find out more

  • Communications Marketplace (RM6124)

    Offering specialist marketing and communication services across the UK and overseas. This framework can support your events marketing and communications requirements whether here is the UK, or overseas.

    Find out more

Take advantage of our buying power

Here at CCS, we’re the UK’s largest public procurement provider. Our team of industry experts are ready to help you secure the very best rates, fares and added value.

As part of the public sector ourselves, we know the importance of squeezing every last drop out of your budget. Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help find the right solutions for you, powering your travel procurement in these uncertain times.

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