CCS is excited to announce the launch of our new Cyber Security Services 3 dynamic purchasing system (DPS) which is now open to buyers across government and the wider public sector. 

The Cyber Security Services 3 DPS offers a new, flexible way of purchasing services which gives buyers the opportunity to filter their requirements via a simplified procurement procedure to accommodate their business needs.

Different from the Cyber Security Services 2, the DPS is versatile and allows suppliers to join at any time, increasing the range of competition throughout the life of the agreement.
The benefits include:

  • agility and flexibility to meet the public sector’s cyber security requirements
  • accessible route for suppliers to apply to join at any time
  • a dynamic filtering system, giving customers flexibility based on requirements
  • the filter system enables the right suppliers to be matched and hear about the right opportunities
  • quality and price can be assessed based on an individual customer’s requirement
  • a dynamic pool of suppliers that will grow and evolve with the market
  • fully compliant with UK and EU regulations

If you want to find out more about our Cyber Services 3 DPS visit the agreement page. 

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