Laundry and Linen Services

Laundry and linen services for general items, covering collection, wash, finish and return.


This agreement provides laundry and linen services, covering collection, wash, finish and return for a range of items from bedding and towels to bath mats and gloves. It replaces RM849 based on consultation with suppliers and customers, particularly NHS trusts and police forces.

For specialist laundry and linen services, including sterile packs and gowns, please refer to RM3772.


  • Compliant with CFPP0104 (Choice framework for local policy and procedures)
  • Compliant with industry standards (HTM 0104)

Products and suppliers

There are 11 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1 : Processing (collection, wash, finish and return) of linen items/linen hire items


11 suppliers

How to buy

  • You will need to run a further competition based on your specific requirements. Refer to the customer guidance for further details. See the attached documents
  • For initial enquiries and prices against the core items list (processing only) please email indicating your preferred service and activity against each item, plus any enhancements required.