Linen and Laundry Services

Standard laundry collection, wash, finish and return services of buyer owned and hired laundry from the supplier, specialist laundry services, and cleanroom services.


All UK public sector organisations can use this framework, including the wider public sector, central government and third sector organisations such as registered charities.

Buyers can choose from 3 lots using 1 lot or a combination of lots to suit their requirement.The lots provide a range of services to a set of specific standards which include wash, finish, collection and return of linen, and laundry services.

Buyers are required to run a further competition, however lot 1 does have a direct award facility providing the buyer’s needs meet the criteria. This option can be useful if you need a short-term solution while the buyer carries out a more comprehensive review of their needs.

For more information, watch our customer introduction to Linen & Laundry webinar.


  • compliant route to market – CCS is free to use and buyers can be assured of a complaint route to market
  • supplier assurance – suppliers must meet a minimum set of criteria before they are awarded a place on the framework
  • new lot structure – lot 3 cleanroom services is a new lot for CCS and has been included as a direct result of customer feedback
  • direct award – lot 1a and lot 1b have a direct award facility providing your needs meet the criteria
  • pre-agreed, simplified terms – established in line with commercial best practice, to provide legal protection for buyers and suppliers
  • key performance indicators (KPIs) – buyers have the flexibility to add their own KPIs to satisfy their requirements and ensure effective long term contract management
  • flexibility – although the framework has a deliberate focus on the health sector any public sector organisation can use it
  • social value – all suppliers will be invited to take CCS’ modern slavery assessment; further information and resources about social value
  • small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – 41.7% of suppliers are categorised as SMEs; this supports the Government’s aspiration for £1 in every £3 to be spent with SMEs by 2022
  • commercial benefits – maximum item price rate for product list items excluding transport costs; suppliers can offer best price to buyer at call off stage based on requirements and location
  • environmental sustainability – to reduce single use plastic the supplier can price finishing options that use less plastic more keenly; bulk wrap rather than individually wrapped packs
  • expertise – CCS buyers have access to a wide range of knowledge and category experts

Products and suppliers

There are 11 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1a: Linen Hire with Standard Wash Linen and Laundry Services


10 suppliers

Lot 1b: Standard Wash Linen and Laundry Services


10 suppliers

Lot 2: Specialist Laundry Services (Theatre Packs)


3 suppliers

Lot 3: Specialist Cleanroom Laundry Services


2 suppliers

How to buy

Before you can buy through this framework the buyer needs to complete the Customer User Agreement (CUA) form in the documents tab. Return the completed CUA form by email.

Once your CUA form has been processed you will receive a unique reference number which will give you access to use the framework. Your unique reference number should be used on all communication between you, CCS and the supplier. Your unique reference number will help us identify you quickly and track your details.

There are 2 ways you can use this framework:

  1. Carry out a further competition exercise
  2. Direct Award (lot 1 only)

Further details on how to buy can be found in the customer user guidance document under the documents tab.