Grants and Programme Services

Grants and programmes services, including administrative support, assessing applications and distribution of money and services.


This agreement offers services for setting up and running grant programmes. It includes administration, support and grant delivery; design, communication of programmes, assessment of applications and distribution of money or services to winning applicants.


  • Supports the government Grant Efficiency Programme
  • Comprehensive management information to help you manage costs.

Products and suppliers

There are 32 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Grants and Programme Services Administration Services


17 suppliers

Lot 2: Communication Promotions and Support to understand Grants and Programme Services


13 suppliers

Lot 3: Grants and Programme Services Policy Design and Implementation


12 suppliers

Lot 4: Grants and Programme Services Programme Evaluation


23 suppliers

Lot 5: Grants and Programme Services Managed Services


13 suppliers

How to buy

You cannot make a direct award from this agreement. Read the further competition guidance document for more detail. To buy through a further competition:

  • Review all the guidance documents
  • Develop your requirement
  • Consider whether you need a project team or stakeholder group to lead the initiative
  • Decide which lot you need
  • Engage with the suppliers – you might want to invite them to a supplier day, for example
  • Decide on and state your assessment criteria – the relative importance of quality and price
  • Conduct a further competition using CCS’s eSourcing tool or your own
  • Let the suppliers know who has been successful and provide feedback to those who are unsuccessful.