Insurance & Related Services 4


The public sector can access insurance brokerage services such as insurance placement, consultancy or advisory services and claims handling services.


Provides a complete range of insurance brokerage services to handle all types of insurance and third party claims.

You can access insurance broker experts who will:

  • help you to decide what type of insurance and the level of cover you will need
  • recommend a suitable policy at a price you can afford
  • provide advisory and/or consultancy services

Lot 2 will provide claims handling suppliers and services only. We are also exploring options for lots to provide social housing insurance.

Our existing RM6138 Insurance Services DPS complements this agreement and provides access to the insurance market.

Insurance brokers and customers using this agreement will be able to access services from RM6138 to help meet their needs.

You will be able to award a call off agreement through further competition. There will also be a direct award option for needs that are simple and of low value.

This agreement is due to last 4 years and will expire in February 2028.


  • a wide range of suppliers, including generalist and specialist providers, to increase competition and a full range of insurance classes to a diverse customer base
  • covers all classes of insurance including health and life cover
  • all suppliers are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered
  • all suppliers have signed up to the public service contract which includes terms that cover GDPR and social value
  • enables customers to access an efficient route to market with detailed guidance 
  • market-leading claims handling service available to all public sector organisations

Product types

Lot 1: Brokerage and associated services

Offers access to a range of insurance brokers and services such as insurance placement for all classes of insurance. Lot 1 also offers a wide range of support services including:

  • general advice and consultancy 
  • actuarial services for analysing risk
  • claims handling 
  • risk management and profiling training

Appointed insurance brokers will access the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) RM6138 for pricing of their customer’s insurance needs. Customers can access an insurance broker by direct award or through further competition.

Lot 2: Claims Handling

Access to specialist claims handling suppliers and their services for: 

  • employer/public liability
  • third party motor claims
  • property damage and loss

Accessing a claims handling supplier is by further competition only.

Lot 3: Social Housing Insurance

Offers access to insurance providers specifically for social housing customers.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is ongoing and we welcome feedback throughout our business case development. We will make a draft specification available shortly.

If you are a potential customer and you are interested in engaging with us then, contact the team.

Supplier engagement

Supplier engagement has begun and will continue throughout Summer 2022.

Any supplier who is interested in engaging with us should email the team.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in Find a Tender (FTS) Not available
Tender documents Not available


Activity Estimated dates
Pre-market engagement May to July 2022
Drafting of procurement documents April 2023
Publication of Find a Tender Service (FTS) notice March 2023
Agreement award November 2023