Insurance & Related Services 4

The public sector can access brokerage and advisory services, claims handling services and social housing insurance.


Access insurance broker experts who will:
  • help you to decide what type of insurance and the level of cover you will need
  • recommend a suitable policy at a price you can afford
  • provide advisory and/or consultancy service
Our existing RM6138 Insurance Services DPS complements this agreement and provides access to the insurance market.


  • work with various insurance providers (both generalist and specialist)
  • a wide range of coverage options, giving you increased competition to a diverse customer base across the public sector
  • provides all classes of insurance, including health and life insurance
  • all suppliers are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered
  • all suppliers have signed up to the public service contract which includes terms that cover GDPR, prompt payment, Carbon Net Zero and social value
  • approved claims handling service for the public sector
The following Carbon Reduction section will appear at the bottom of the benefits section. It may not be relevant to all agreements. If this is the case you can suggest its removal when filling out the template. You will need to let us know why you feel it should be removed. The wording of the section is standardised across all agreements and should not be changed.

Products and suppliers

There are 19 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Brokerage and Related Services
Access to a range of insurance brokers and services such as insurance placement for all classes of insurance. Also offers a wide range of support services including:
  • general advice and consultancy 
  • actuarial services for analysing risk claims handling 
  • risk management and profiling training


15 suppliers

Lot 2: Claims Handling and Related Services
Access to specialist claims handling suppliers and their services for: 
  • employer/public liability
  • third party motor claims
  • property damage and loss
  • accessing a claims handling supplier is by further competition only
Suppliers are accessed through further competition only.


3 suppliers

Lot 3: Insurance Service Providers and Related Services
Access to insurance providers for:
  • social housing customers
Appointed insurance brokers under lot 3 will access the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) RM6138 for pricing of their customer’s social housing insurance needs.


2 suppliers

How to buy

Read the buyer guide in the document section and review the call off terms and conditions for the framework. Before selecting your supplier, you can undertake fair and transparent pre-market engagement activity with the framework suppliers through our eSourcing suite:

Direct award

If you’re conducting a direct award you should:
  1. choose which supplier you will award the contract to
  2. request a direct award pack from our customer service team
The pack will contain a pricing matrix. It also has supplier answers to frequently asked questions to help you make an evaluation. The information in the pack is commercially sensitive and is not available on our website. Direct awards can only be issued under the following conditions: 
  • lot 1 - if the anticipated call off agreement charges/fees do not exceed £50,000 per year (excluding insurance premium and VAT)
  • lot 3 - if the anticipated call off agreement charges/fees do not exceed £15,000 per year (excluding insurance premium and VAT)
  • the call off terms and conditions do not require any amendments
  • the contracting authority is satisfied with the pricing element of the direct award

Further competition

You can carry out a further competition under lots 1, 2 and 3. You will need to manage the process in line with your requirements and processes. If you want information about running further competition through our eSourcing suite, take a look at our buyer guide in the documents section below. Your further competition should:
  • specify a fixed time limit for submission of proposals, including factors such as the complexity of the services, your insurance requirements and the time needed to submit a proposal
  • seek proposals for fulfilling all your insurance requirements, including agreement to any special terms proposed by you
  • contain a copy of the order form, completed as if it were the actual order you would place
You should then:
  1. evaluate the proposals received
  2. notify all invited service providers of the outcome
  3. place the resulting order with the service provider who has submitted the most economically advantageous tender