Restructuring & Insolvency Services

UK government and public sector bodies can access specialist restructuring and insolvency services from a range of suppliers in a cost effective way.


19/09/23 – Please note: RM6269 Restructuring and Insolvency framework will not be renewed and moving forward it will be incorporated as a standalone lot under the upcoming RM6309 Management Consultancy Four agreement.


Central government departments can access these services in instances where there is corporate distress that government has an interest in. 

You can use the filtering matrix to select the suppliers who are capable of meeting your needs. The filtering matrix allows you to filter by capability and sector.

Some of the services available include: 

  • accelerated mergers and acquisitions
  • business review
  • cash-flow review
  • distressed debt restructuring
  • general restructuring advice
  • insolvency contingency planning
  • options analysis

The agreement will run for 3 years with an option to extend for an additional 12 months. There is no defined maximum length for a call-off agreement under this framework, but we recommend call-offs should not be longer than 4 years.


  • a wide range of suppliers 
  • all suppliers are Cyber Essentials accredited
  • uses standard terms and conditions which are compliant with Public Sector Contract (PSC) 
  • competitive market rates
  • fixed maximum rates for the life of the agreement and your project
    • this means that the maximum price you receive will not change, providing you with budgetary control
  • no minimum or maximum value thresholds, this means you can use this agreement no matter the size of your project
  • a choice of pricing models so you can select how your contract is priced, for example: time and materials, fixed, or risk and reward
  • dedicated and knowledgeable contract management team to support you

Products and suppliers

There are 15 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Restructuring & Insolvency Services
Access restructuring and insolvency advice and services including (but not limited to):
  • business review
  • distressed debt restructuring
  • general restructuring advice


15 suppliers

How to buy

Before using this agreement you should read the customer guide

Further competition

Further competition is the standard route to market for buying from this agreement. To help you find suppliers who are capable of meeting your needs, use the filtering matrix. 

You can use your own eSourcing system or you can use our eSourcing tool to run your further competition. If this is your first time using our eSourcing suite, you will need to register an account.

To run a further competition you will need to:

  1. clearly define your needs using template T2 Attachment 3: statement of service requirements
  2. develop your tender documents
  3. identify suppliers capable of meeting your needs, to do this you can use the filtering matrix
  4. establish appropriate timescales for your procurement
  5. issue expression of interest (EOI) (optional)
  6. issue tender to all agreement suppliers identified using the filtering matrix and EOI
  7. evaluate supplier responses
  8. award a contract to the successful supplier(s) and notify unsuccessful suppliers
  9. you may wish to include a 10 day standstill period before award (optional)