Vertical Application Solutions

Public sector customers can access software focused solutions to meet the specific needs of their industry, business application or services. Solutions include software licences, associated hardware, app-related consultancy services, software support and maintenance.


29/08/2023: For an overview of Vertical Application Solutions, watch this short video introduction.


This agreement will replace Data and Application Solutions (DAS) and is available to all public sector organisations including:

  • government departments and their arm’s length bodies
  • devolved administrations
  • the wider public sector
  • third sector organisations

We have also included a particular consideration for customers in the blue light (emergency services), education, local authority and social care sectors.

You will be able to use this agreement to:

  • implement, test and provide a range of software solutions
  • access solution-essential hardware and professional services such as
    • a server for a revenues and benefits software solution
    • integration with an existing records management system
  • buy cloud hosted and on-premise software, or a combination of both, under one agreement

Depending on the complexity of your needs, you can buy through further competition or direct award using our digital catalogue.

​​The agreement will initially run for 30 months (2.5 years) with the option to extend for a further 18 months (1.5 years). There is no maximum contract length for call off contracts. 


  • provides fully supported solutions for cloud, on premise or hybrid (a combination of cloud and premise) systems
  • provides a route to market to buy a wide range of software solutions that are designed to meet specific sector needs, for example local authority revenues and benefits
  • direct award catalogue listings are available on the Government eMarketplace.
  • support and maintenance options available to help extend a product’s lifecycle
  • flexible call-off lengths to suit your specific needs

Carbon Reduction

All suppliers for this agreement have committed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: 'Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts' as required. If a supplier is required to publish a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on their individual supplier details page.

Products and suppliers

There are 81 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Business Applications
Access the following services:
  • revenues and benefits solution
  • payment processing and cash receipt
  • civil enforcement


37 suppliers

Lot 2: Education, Community Health and Social Care Solutions
Access the following services:
  • learning applications and platforms
  • academic scheduling and management solutions
  • education management system (EMS)
  • community health and social care solutions
  • enterprise health solutions


32 suppliers

Lot 3: Housing, Environmental and Planning Solutions
Access the following services:
  • environmental
  • planning
  • building control
  • local land changes
  • regulatory services
  • licensing
  • property or housing management
  • geographic information system (GIS)
  • waste management solutions
  • built environment


29 suppliers

Lot 4: Citizen Services
Access the following services:
  • library solutions
  • democratic and citizen engagement systems
  • museums systems
  • sports and recreation systems 
  • registrar systems
  • burials and crematoria solutions


9 suppliers

Lot 5: Blue Light Solutions
Access the following services:
  • investigation, intelligence, forensics (including digital forensics), case and custody applications
  • surveillance and reconnaissance
  • command and control, integrated command and control systems (ICCS)
  • emergency response and crisis management
  • fraud detection
  • digital asset management
  • recording and audio-visual
  • data analytics (including management information and business intelligence)


34 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy from this agreement using direct award and further competition. 

You can also use an Expression of Interest (EOI). This allows your organisation to go to suppliers with your needs to understand their interest. You do not need to invite any suppliers to tender who decline their interest at EOI.

Direct award catalogue listings are available on the Government eMarketplace.

Sign up to the government eMarketplace.

Further competition

There are two options for how to run your further competition:

  • run an Expression of Interest (EOI) followed by a further competition which includes those suppliers who have not declined their interest in the opportunity
  • run a further competition to all suppliers on the lot

Before going out to the suppliers on the agreement, we recommend that you take part in pre-market engagement.

Find out more about EOIs, suggested weightings, award evaluation and timescales in the customer guide which you can find in the ‘document’ section below.

You can also use our eSourcing tool to run your further competition.

If this is your first time using our eSourcing tool, you will need to register an eSourcing account.

If you have already registered, sign in to your eSourcing account.

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