Voucher Schemes

Implementation and management of retail voucher schemes, including a platform to provide and distribute those vouchers to end recipients.


08/12/22: Our new RM6248 payment solutions agreement is now live. To buy voucher schemes, use RM6248 lot 3.


An end to end retail voucher scheme with suppliers who can provide multiple merchant closed-loop vouchers. This means that the merchant (retailer) who issues the voucher redeems the voucher (also known as giftcards).

This agreement also provides a platform that will allow you to access services such as design, implementation and management of this scheme. It is available to all central government and public sector bodies, including those with overseas locations.

Voucher Schemes is a single lot agreement and all suppliers have the ability to provide closed loop vouchers. As a mandatory requirement, suppliers will provide these as e-vouchers across the UK.

Physical vouchers, overseas delivery and specific branding needs are not part of the mandatory services. You will need to specify these services at call – off.

This agreement will run for 2 years with the option to extend for a further 2 periods of up to 12 months.

For more information, watch our RM6255 customer webinar.

Public sector employees will not receive vouchers for employee benefit, reward or recognition purposes. For these services, take a look at our Employee Benefits (RM6133) agreement.

The Voucher Schemes agreement is for the implementation, distribution and management of funds through vouchers, such as Free School Meals or retail vouchers for the reward of completion of surveys. The scope does not include the administration of grants. For these services, take a look at our Grant Administration DPS (RM6172) agreement.


  • offers a wide choice of suppliers with ability to direct award or enter further competition
  • discount on the value of the voucher scheme is available based on the size of the scheme
  • voucher distribution is fast, secure and tailored to meet the needs of the general public
  • appointed providers have procedures in place to provide replacement vouchers and refunds for unused vouchers.
  • a wide range of grocery and non grocery merchants vouchers are available
  • you will not need to enter into negotiations with new merchants – providers will try to onboard any merchants you ask for
  • no minimum or maximum scheme value is needed to use this agreement
  • the supplier platform used to administer the voucher schemes will provide the buyer with a fully transparent view of all orders at all stages
  • associated reporting needs can also be provided as agreed at call off
  • the supplier will make sure that the vouchers are valid for a period specified by the buyer

Carbon Reduction

Some of the suppliers for this agreement have agreed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: 'Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts'. If a supplier has published a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on their individual supplier details page.

Products and suppliers

There are 8 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Voucher Schemes


8 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy from this agreement using direct award and further competition. Before taking part in a further competition or direct award, you must read all guidance documents in the document section below.
You should consider engaging with the suppliers on this agreement before awarding a contract.

Pre market engagement is always welcomed by the supply base and is a useful tool to help you decide the best procurement route for your needs.

Direct Award

This is suitable if there is only one supplier that meets your needs, or you can clearly see which supplier is the most beneficial to you.

To place a direct award you will need to:

  1. develop a clear specification of your needs
  2. use the Framework specification or Framework tender to show that the mandatory requirements fulfil your needs, and to determine which supplier provides the most economically advantageous solution (MEAT) 
  3. make sure all of your proposed contract terms are laid down in the framework contract agreement
  4. make sure the contract terms need no amendments or any supplementary terms and conditions

Further Competition

Before conducting a further competition you will need to:

  1. develop your specification and identify the suppliers who can meet your needs (do this using the specified evaluation criteria and weightings)
  2. invite all identified suppliers to submit a tender 
  3. award your call-off contract by sending a completed and signed order form and call-off schedules to the successful supplier 
  4. provide unsuccessful suppliers with written feedback on why their tenders were unsuccessful

For more detailed information read our customer guide.

We advise you to follow your own internal processes and seek your own legal advice when selecting which optional schedules are relevant to your specific needs.