Multifunctional Devices (MFDs), Print and Digital Workflow Software Services and Managed Print Service Provision

Provides access to multifunctional devices, managed print services, technical resources, digital workflow, cloud solutions for digital transition and print consultancy services.


A UK wide agreement which will replace lots 1, 2, 3 and 7 within Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records and Information Management (RM3781)

This 4 lot agreement provides equipment and services supporting the physical printing of documents right through to workflow and cloud solutions. It includes:

  • Multifunctional Devices (MFDs)
  • print management software to monitor your printing and reduce waste
  • managed print services
  • workflow integration which can sort through and combine your documents (such as records management or hybrid mail) to help reduce waste
  • print consultancy services which can support you with:
    • drafting specifications and tender documents
    • evaluation of tenders
    • independent audits of your print volumes or current fleet devices (where needed)

You will also be able to use interim technical resources to support your own internal resources when needed.

This agreement is for buyers who need support with:

  • replacing or rationalising their current MFD needs
  • managing their existing number of MFDs through walk in take-over: this is where the supplier will walk in and take over management of the customer’s current MFDs
  • finding solutions to reduce their print volumes
  • designing and implementing digital technology solutions to support transformation of their current business processes
  • developing digital workflow solutions to provide a more strategic view when managing and operating their internal business processes
  • cloud based hosting through public, private or community cloud using:
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS provides cloud ‘hardware’ which allows you to build a platform which you can use to run your application.

PaaS is a pre built cloud infrastructure that is designed to run a specific or range of applications, such as a finance application or software development environment.

Specification, pricing and lease agreements

To access specifications, pricing models or operating or finance lease information for this agreement, you will need to contact the CCS customer service centre.

Note: the specifications and pricing model information is official-sensitive and will include a disclaimer for conditions of use.


  • access to the latest hardware, software and services in the market
  • flexible route to market using further competition or direct award
  • services complement and support Estate Rationalisation Project(s) and Government Hubs Programme
  • uses the agreed Public Sector Contract (PSC) terms and conditions

Carbon Reduction

All suppliers for this agreement have committed to comply with the Procurement Policy Note 06/21: 'Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts' as required. If a supplier is required to publish a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on their individual supplier details page.

Products and suppliers

There are 14 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Multifunctional Print Devices (MFDs) and Basic Print Management Software
Buyers can buy from a condensed catalogue of multifunctional devices and basic print management software through the sole supplier's web-based online solution. All sectors across government can use this lot. However, we find the education sector and local authorities will have a preference for these services. Services available under this lot includes:
  • a range of 14 devices to choose from
  • consumables (such as, paper trays, staple finishers, hole punches)
  • basic print management software (for example, PIN Access Software to release jobs)
  • maintenance and support services
  • catalogue provided by a web-based online solution hosted by the supplier
  • operating and / or finance leases available


1 suppliers

Lot 2: Multifunctional Print Devices (MFDs) Print Management, Digital Workflow Software
An extensive catalogue of MFDs ranging from entry level, standalone to fully networked, including:
  • hardware print devices (including remanufactured)
  • consumables
  • print room equipment
  • software options
  • maintenance and support services
  • cloud hosting and digital workflow solutions
You can buy all the above services either as a combined service or independently. Our suppliers can also provide you with interim technical resources such as:
  • project managers
  • service need analyst or fleet
  • security, service or technical architects to help with the development and / or implementing your service design needs
Some of the ways you can use lot 2 includes:
  • accessing hardware (devices), software, consumables, service and maintenance
  • having the option to outright buy and / or lease 
  • designing and implementing digital workflow and / or cloud based hosting solutions specific to your organisations needs
  • managing your existing fleet, supported by service maintenance and potentially software upgrades if needed


9 suppliers

Lot 3: MFDs, Print Management and / or Digital Workflow under Managed Service Provision
The managed print service can support you to review your current printing and document workflow practices. It can also help you to consider new approaches in light of changing behaviours across your organisation. You can adapt these services to your specific needs, but we have provided some examples of how you can use this lot below:
  • to determine the type of device(s) needed for different locations across your estate footprint (across different offices)
  • suppliers can install and manage these devices on your behalf and work alongside your internal stakeholders such as IT and security
    • suppliers will remove the devices once the contract has ended
  • where you own your fleet of devices, our suppliers can take over management of that fleet
  • if some of your devices need replacing during that contract period, the supplier can discuss replacement options with you
    • suppliers will remove any replacement devices once the contract has ended
  • design and put in place a digital workflow solution specific for your organisations needs (either as an independent contract, or as part of a wider service)
  • design and put in place a cloud based hosting service specific for your organisations needs (either as an independent contract, or as part of a wider service)
Our suppliers can also provide you with interim technical resources such as:
  • project managers
  • service requirement analysts
  • fleet, security, service or technical architects
Our supplier’s interim resources can assist with development and / or implementation of your service design and delivery requirements.


9 suppliers

Lot 4: Print Consultancy Services
Provides independent vendor neutral audits and consultancy services such as:
  • conducting audits of your existing devices to determine print volumes, future needs or new print strategy
  • conducting audits on your print management process and / or services
  • advice on the use of software options
  • advice on benefits of using digital workflow solutions
  • developing your competition documents (such as specifications and award criteria)
Suppliers on this lot can help you with:
  • advice and recommendations on your options
  • strategic change
  • process efficiencies
  • savings and cost control opportunities


2 suppliers

How to buy

You can buy services under this agreement in two ways:

  • further competition
  • direct award

Before taking part in either a further competition or direct award, you will need to complete:

  • framework schedule 6 (order form template)
  • the relevant call-off and joint schedules

You can find the call-off schedules and joint schedules individually listed in the documents section below.

You can use our eSourcing tool to run your further competition or direct award.  If this is your first time using the sSourcing suite, you will need to register an account. If you have already registered, you can sign in to your eSourcing account.

You should check your own internal policies and processes to make sure they follow your standard operating procedures.

Further competition(available for lots 2, 3 and 4)

To award a call-off contract through further competition you should:

  1. identify the suppliers who can meet your needs by developing your specification
  2. refine your contract deliverables (what you need) using framework schedule 6
  3. develop your further competition award criteria
  4. invite all identified suppliers to submit a tender in writing
    1. you can do this by email or through your preferred eSourcing tool
    2. you can find contact details for each supplier under the ‘products and suppliers’ section of this webpage
  5. set a time limit for the submission of tenders, (take into account the time needed to create and submit tenders and the complexity of your needs)
  6. keep each tender confidential until the time limit set out for the return of tenders has ended
  7. apply your published award criteria to each submitted tender
  8. award your call-off contract by sending a completed and signed Framework schedule 6 to the successful supplier
    1. you can do this electronically
  9. provide unsuccessful suppliers with written feedback on why their tenders were unsuccessful
  10. for transparency purposes publish your contract on contracts finder

Direct award (available for lots 1, 2 and 4 only)

Lot 1: you can buy direct from Ricoh’s customer portal.

To award a call-off contract through direct award you should:

  1. develop a clear specification of your needs
  2. establish your direct award criteria using the Framework Schedule 7 Call Off Award Procedure (Annex A Direct Award Criteria)
  3. award your call-off contract by sending a completed and signed Framework schedule 6 to the successful supplier
  1. you can do this electronically