Important Expired agreement - This information is for reference only

Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records and Information Management

Multifunctional devices for printing, scanning and copying, managed print and records management services.


27/04/2020 – If you have a call-off agreement that is due to expire then please read this advice on your call-off extension options.

1. If your call-off agreement states you still have options to extend available, you can continue to use those extension periods if you choose.
2. If your current agreement expires either before or after the 25th October 2020 and you either:

  • do not have any extension options included within your call off agreement
  • you have used all the extension options stated within your call-off agreement, you can extend until 25 October 2021 but not beyond this date.

3. Customers who want to award a new contract under RM3781 can still do so for the length allowed in the lot specification, providing the call-off is agreed and signed by 25 October 2021.

If you do need to take out an extension on your current contract, please speak to your supplier to talk about your requirements.

07/04/2020 – The contract award notices for the extension of the Lots on this agreement are:
RM3781 Lots 1, 5, 6, 7 – contract award notice extension
RM3781 Lot 2 – contract award notice extension
RM3781 Lot 3 – contract award notice extension
RM3781 Lot 4 – contract award notice extension

27/03/2020 – Due to the current coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we are calling on Regulation 72 (1) (c) to extend this agreement for 12 months. This will relieve pressure on the supply chain while short staffed, to help businesses to continue to deliver services and goods to customers. We intend to deliver replacement agreements as quickly as possible after the initial COVID-19 impact.