Media Monitoring and Associated Services

Monitor and analyse media coverage of public communications activity across multiple channels, including broadcast, online and social media.


This agreement will expire 31 May 2024 and will not be renewed. Any customers with live procurements in progress must ensure signed contracts are in place before the agreement expires.

Please use the Research & Insights DPS for all media monitoring and related services. You can do this by selecting the filters that meet your requirements in the DPS platform.

Under Subject Area, subcategory Culture, Media and Sport:

  • broadcast media
  • digital media
  • print media
  • social media

Under Research Methods, subcategory Analysis and Modelling:

  • social media analysis
  • media monitoring
  • sentiment analysis
  • entity level sentiment analysis

Any other Media Monitoring related services can be specified in your specification. If you have any queries please email


Designed in collaboration with the Government Communication Service (GCS), this agreement provides services to monitor, analyse and evaluate media coverage. Customers can also access self-service tools to monitor and analyse social media. 

The agreement will allow you to:

  • monitor and analyse media coverage (print, broadcast, online, digital and social media)
  • effectively evaluate communication campaigns
  • increase value across all paid communication activities by helping to establish best practice, identify inefficiencies and improve behaviours

RM6134 is open to all UK public sector organisations including central government departments and their agencies, the wider public sector and third sector organisations, such as registered charities. 

This agreement has one lot. In most cases, the default option will be to run a further competition, but there is a direct award facility for requirements of under £20,000.

RM6134 will run for 2 years and expires on 31 May 2024. There are two extension options, each for an additional one year period.

Product and services: 

Lot 1: Media monitoring and associated services

Press monitoring – monitoring of specified keywords and topics within print content.

Online media monitoring – monitoring of news website content including non-written content like infographics and images.

Social media monitoring – monitoring of social media content on feeds including Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Broadcast monitoring – monitoring content on television, radio and web broadcasts. 

Human-delivered media evaluation and analysis – the selection, evaluation and analysis of the results of monitoring through human review.

Suppliers can also provide optional services to customers buying one or more of the above core services including:

  • automated media evaluation and analysis – automated assessment of media monitoring results data
  • forward planning database – gives you an understanding of future news and events so you can plan ahead
  • media contact database – a database listing media contacts, their contact details and their sector of interest
  • social media monitoring and analysis – an online tool to monitor and analyse content from a range of social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as blogs and public forums
  • parliamentary monitoring – identify and track parliamentary, political and legislative news and activities 

More information about the optional services each supplier can offer is available in our guidance notes, available in the documents section.


  • access a range of media monitoring and associated services in one place
  • choose from a range of suppliers with a broad range of experience, expertise and commitment to quality 
  • stay up to date with emerging news stories based on keywords and topics
  • transparent pricing – a cost-effective and efficient means of monitoring and evaluating media coverage, with flexible pricing options
  • social value has been built into the agreement from the very start, allowing you to test suppliers on their ability to help you meet your social value priorities
  • peace of mind – provides a compliant route to market using the new Public Sector Contract 

Products and suppliers

There are 5 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Media Monitoring and Associated Services


5 suppliers

How to buy

Before using this agreement you should make sure that you receive internal approval. Customer guidance (see attached documents) on the use of this agreement includes advice about best practice for contracting with suppliers.

In most cases, you will need to undertake a further competition to access the framework, but if you have a simple requirement valued at less than £20,000 per year you have the option to award a contract directly. Guidance for the direct award process is available in the documents section, and in our direct award pack, available on request from

You can undertake fair and transparent pre-market engagement activity and further competition with the framework agencies through the CCS eSourcing suite:

You can also use your own sourcing tool.