Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2

Identify and recover overpayments from suppliers.


Under this agreement the suppliers provide retrospective audit and analysis of your core spend and transactions (invoices and payments). From this analysis they identify and recover any overpayments, overcharges or missed opportunities (such as discounts or rebates). The suppliers operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so you only pay a fee which is a percentage of money recovered. If there is no recovery, there is no fee payable.


  • No win no fee
  • Resource Lite – Minimal internal resource required because all work is conducted by suppliers
  • Identification process or system weaknesses or process flaws that you can fix
  • Due diligence approach to your public finances
  • You receive money you were not expecting

Products and suppliers

There are 17 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1: Transaction Review
Lot 1: transaction review


7 suppliers

Lot 2: End to End Review
Lot 2: end-to-end review


10 suppliers

Lot 3: Contract Compliance - Utilities
Lot 3: contract compliance _ utilities


3 suppliers

Lot 4: Contract Compliance - Telecoms/Mobiles
Lot 4: contract compliance - telecoms, including mobiles


4 suppliers

Lot 5: Contract Compliance — Contingent Labour/Agency Staff
Lot 5: contract compliance - contingent labor and agency staff


5 suppliers

Lot 6: Contract Compliance - VAT
Lot 6: contract compliance - VAT


9 suppliers

Lot 7: Contract Compliance — Property/Rental Review
Lot 7: contract compliance - property, including rent review


1 suppliers

How to buy

  1. Read the customer user guide under the documents tab
  2. Decide on whether you want direct award and further competition.