Technology Services 2

ICT services from strategy and service design through transition to operational deployment. Includes large project services and up to top secret classification.


11/09/2019 – Update – This framework now includes a direct award option for all the lot 3 (Operational Services) service groups only.  If this proves successful, we will consider rolling it out to all the other lots.  Please refer to section 6 in our Customer Guidance document for more details.

03/04/2019Update – This framework has now been extended by the maximum period of two years, so the expiry date is now 5 September 2021.

11/10/2019 – Update – Crown Commercial Service are working in partnership with TechUK to engage with the market to help shape the Technology Services 3 (TS3) Agreement.  TS3 will hopefully be the replacement vehicle for our current Technology Service 2 (TS2) agreement.

The TS3 Agreement needs to be easy to use and accessible for all whilst delivering unrivalled value for customers and suppliers. We are committed to continually improving our services and approach, starting by listening to the market.

With that in mind, we will be holding several events throughout the UK and via webinar, as we are keen to understand what currently works and what doesn’t. Each session is interactive and will last approximately 2 hours. During these engagement sessions, we will be looking for honest and open feedback on the current TS2 Agreement and the agenda will cover varied topics, such as;  scope, commercials and structure etc..

Please come and have your say and register for one of these events below:

Supplier Sessions

Date / Time Location Registration 
30th October 2019 – 10am London HERE
7th November 2019 – 2:30pm Webinar HERE


Customer Sessions:


Date / Time Location Registration 
28th October 2019 – 12pm Newport HERE
30th October 2019 – 1pm London HERE 
6th November 2019- 2:30pm Webinar HERE


This agreement provides technology services from strategy and service design through transition to operational running of an IT estate. It offers large project services, up to top secret classification and access to a range of technology services, including:

  • provision and management of IT service desk
  • end user device support
  • network support
  • asset disposal and application maintenance
  • infrastructure support.

It includes services at all government security classification levels.

The agreement was developed with Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (representing local government) and Crescent Purchasing Consortium (representing education) among others.


  • 63% of suppliers are SMEs
  • compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015
  • call-off contracts can run from 2 to 7 years depending on the lots used
  • suitable for disaggregation to single-vendor outsourcing

Products and suppliers

There are 148 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1 : Technology Strategy and Service Design


118 suppliers

Lot 2 : Transition and Transformation


121 suppliers

Lot 3a : Operational Services - End User Services


100 suppliers

Lot 3b : Operational Services - Operational Management


105 suppliers

Lot 3c : Operational Services - Technical Management


104 suppliers

Lot 3d : Operational Services - Application and Data Management


90 suppliers

Lot 4a : Programmes and Large Projects - Government Official Security Classification


71 suppliers

Lot 4b : Programmes and Large Projects - Above Government Official Classification


27 suppliers

How to buy

This framework is open to all public sector customers and there are two routes to market.

Direct award

Direct award is currently only available for all lot 3 (Operational Services) service groups, and will be suitable for straightforward needs. Supplier offers are shown in the government eMarketplace.

Note: if you currently use Zanzibar you should already be able to access the catalogue.

Further competition
Further competitions can be run on all the lots using CCS’s eSourcing tool or your own choice of eSourcing tool.

Please read the Customer Guidance document below for more details.