Insurance Services II

Insurance services, brokerage services, claims handling and related services. It is available to all public sector organisations, apart from claims handling.


This framework provides access to a range of insurance and insurance brokerage services including, but not limited to liability, travel and personal accident, property and construction, and motor insurance. Support services are also available, for example, claims handling and risk management.

The agreement is open to all public sector organisations, except claims handling which is open only to central government.

The Government Actuary’s Department is a non-ministerial department that can provide some support services relevant to the insurance framework. If you are a central government customer and would like more information please visit or email Central government customers should note that it is government policy to reduce spending on external consultancy. The Cabinet Office strongly advocates using in-house resource instead of external resource where this is available and appropriate for the work in question.

This agreement was developed with other public sector procurement organisations: YPO, NEPO and ESPO.


  • The first Insurance Services agreement saved over £10 million for buyers. CCS expects similar savings from this agreement
  • All suppliers (27 insurers and 12 brokers) are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have been through a rigorous tender. 26% are SMEs.

Products and suppliers

There are 33 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1: Insurance and associated support services


23 suppliers

Lot 2: Insurance brokerage and associated support services


11 suppliers

Lot 4: Insurance brokerage and associated support services for the Ministry of Defence


1 suppliers

Lot 5: Compensation claims handling and associated support services


1 suppliers

How to buy

Read the buyer guidance to understand the access models and the steps that you will need to undertake to procure via this agreement. See ‘4609-17 Insurance Services II ‘RM3731’ and ‘Annex 1 Best practice’.

You should then complete the online non-disclosure agreement to access a range of information that you will require to call-off from this agreement, including:

  • The classes of insurance/insurance brokerage each supplier will offer
  • The additional services each supplier will offer
  • Broker pricing – please note these are maximum prices and may be lowered at further competition
  • Supplier details including FCA number and registered address number
  • Supplier contact details

This information can then be used to select the group of suppliers that you invite to further competition. During the further competition process you can tailor your insurance and brokerage specifications to meet your specific requirements. You also have the ability to do a direct award to the brokers within lot 2.

Documents provided include:

  • Risk Profile template – what the insurers need to quote your risk
  • Standard letter of appointment and contract.

Lot 1 (insurance) can only be accessed via further competition.

Lot 2 (insurance brokerage) can be accessed via a direct award or further competition. Once your broker has been procured, they will then run a further competition on lot 1 on your behalf.

Lot 4 is for MoD only.

Lot 5 (single supplier insurance brokerage) can only be accessed via a direct award, as there is only one supplier awarded onto this lot.