Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector

Stationery, paper, small office machines, electronic office consumables, janitorial products and personal protective equipment for the wider public sector.


06/08/2019 – Update – The PIN for Office Supplies RM6059 (the replacement framework) is available to view via this link.



This single-lot agreement for buying office supplies, janitorial products and personal protective equipment. It is available for the wider public sector only.


  • Product list chosen for the wider public sector
  • Scope to aggregate requirements with those of other organisations
  • Opportunity to make further savings with an eAuction;
  • Range of delivery options;
  • Flexibility in price and service; and
  • Meets the Government Buying Standards and the Greening Government Commitment.

Products and suppliers

There are 5 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1: Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector
Office stationery items such as pens, pencils, office paper, filing & presentation items, PPR, Health & Safety items, janitorial products, catering supplies, ink & toner cartridges, desktop printers, shredders, labelling machines and laminators.


5 suppliers

How to buy

There are three ways to buy off this agreement:

1. Direct award
Use direct award for small ad hoc orders.

  • Develop a clear statement of requirements
  • Make sure your statement of requirements are within the scope of the Call Off Agreement Schedule 2 (Goods) – see the attached documents.
  • Check that the agreement and call off terms do not need amendment.

2. Further competition
Use further competition for larger contracts.

  • Invite all suppliers to make their best offer for your requirements.
  • The supplier offering the most economically advantageous tender wins.

Read the customer guidance document (attachment) or contact if you need advice on running a further competition.

3. eAuction
An eAuction allows you to combine (aggregate) your requirement with other public sector organisations or compete your own purchases as part of a further competition. It is recommended that you agree a standardised service and product list when combining your requirements with other organisations.

To take part in an eAuction, contact

Details of the maximum prices suppliers will charge you under the agreement are available by contacting and quoting “RM3703 pricing” in the subject heading.

Using CCS eSourcing tool

Updating us 
When you sign any call off contract under this agreement, you must notify us. Email Include:

  • Who you have bought from
  • Value of the contract with the supplier
  • Estimated savings compared to what you were paying or would have paid
  • Start date, end date and any option to extend the contract.