Office Supplies

Purchase office equipment and supplies such as stationery, paper, fax machines, ink and printer toner cartridges, janitorial products and ergonomic equipment. 


02/12/2021: OT Group Limited have been novated to lot 2 of this agreement.


This means OT Group Limited will now replace Office Depot UK Limited, the supplier originally awarded to the agreement in April 2020.

Customers can ask for OT Group Limited pricing by emailing the customer service team. 


This agreement is open to all UK public sector organisations, including central government departments and their agencies, the wider public sector and charities.

After a delay due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Lots 1 and 3 have now been awarded.  These Lots are single supplier lots.

Lot 2 is a multi-supplier lot and has a direct award and further competition option.

The duration of the agreement is 2 years with the option of 2 extension periods of 12 months each. The call-off period is flexible and can run beyond the framework’s expiry date if required. However, this should be considered in line with your organisation’s own commercial policy.

This agreement uses new public sector contracts which have shorter and simpler templates. They are easier to complete with a choice of call-off schedules to add if required. It also supports the government’s ambition to spend £1 in every £3 with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by 2022.

This agreement offers some PPE (Personal Protective equipment), but it is not designed for close contact with confirmed or suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. PPE offered includes:

  • hand sanitiser
  • anti-bacterial wipes
  • masks
  • safety clothing – for example boiler suits, dust suits, high vis jackets
  • hard hats
  • first aid kits
  • fire blankets
  • first aid foil blankets
  • CO2 fire extinguishers
  • eye protectors

The government launched a new 3-strand plan on 11 April 2020 that has guidance about who needs PPE, and making sure it is delivered to those on the frontline responding to coronavirus (COVID-19). It also sets out the actions to secure enough PPE to last through the crisis.

If you would like to know more about any of the products available, email 

Product types:

Lot 1: Office Stationery and Electronic Office Supplies

This lot is for buyers who want to direct award to one supplier for their combined requirements of office stationery and electronic office supplies.

  • personal protection equipment (non-medical) such as hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes, masks, safety clothing, hard hats, first aid kits, fire blankets, first aid foil blankets, CO2 fire extinguisher and eye protectors
  • office supplies like pens, notebooks, rulers, office and board paper and presentation items
  • janitorial products such as washroom supplies, washing-up liquid and refuse sacks
  • catering supplies like tea, coffee, milk, biscuits

 Lot 2: Office and Electronic Office Supplies

This lot is for buyers who want to buy goods using either a further competition and/or a direct award process. This is a multiple supplier lot.

  • personal protection equipment (non-medical) such as hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes, masks, safety clothing, hard hats, first aid kits, fire blankets, first aid foil blankets, CO2 fire extinguishers and eye protectors 
  • a range of office and electronic office supplies
  • art supplies, teaching supplies, school books, exercise books, exercise paper
  • janitorial products such as washroom supplies and washing-up liquid, refuse sacks
  • catering supplies like tea, coffee, milk, biscuits
  • a selection of ergonomic equipment and supplies – chairs, mouse, keyboards 

For more information about the quantities and types of products offered, email

Lot 3:  Electronic Office Supplies (EOS)

This lot is for buyers using a direct award process and will have a single supplier only.

  •     electronic office supplies such as fax, ink and printer toner cartridges
  •     electronic storage media and peripherals (such as USB, mouse, external hard drives) 
  •     fax machines
  •     calculators
  •     paper shredders
  •     laminators


  •  quality, sustainable products that meet government buying standards
  •  meets the Greening Government Commitment
  •  four delivery options
  •  choice of products
  •  quick route to market
  •  competitive range of suppliers including SMEs
  •  flexibility in price and service

Products and suppliers

There are 11 suppliers on this agreement

Lot 1: Office Stationery and Electronic Office Supplies


1 suppliers

Lot 2: Office and Electronic Office Supplies


11 suppliers

Lot 3: Electronic Office Supplies


1 suppliers

How to buy

There is one supplier in each lot so you can place a direct award without the need to run a further competition 

  • confirm that the specification of what you’re ordering (Framework Schedule 1) meets your requirement
  • confirm that one of the delivery options meets your needs
  • make sure that the terms of the agreement and call-off terms do not require any changes
  • complete and agree your call-off contract with the supplier
  • confirm details of your call-off contract with CCS

Lot 2: 

Direct Award is enabled through Lot 2 

To award a call-off contract under the framework through a further competition you should:

  1. write a statement of requirements that identifies the framework suppliers who can provide the goods and/or services
  2. refine the call-off form and call-off terms template to reflect the goods and/or services you require
  3. develop evaluation criteria and a scoring methodology
  4. publish an invitation to tender pack, along with award criteria and the further competition process
  5. invite all capable suppliers under this lot to tender by conducting another competition in accordance with the regulations
  6. evaluate tenders, score and provide feedback to bidders
  7. sign the call-off form with the successful supplier including any supplementary terms or schedules that you identified in the tender

Aggregation and eAuctions

You may get a better deal by aggregating your requirements with other public sector organisations that need the same things and/or a competing price by using an eAuction.

Read the eAuctions guidance located in the documents tab below or contact the eAuctions team to find out more about this option.

Alternatively, email to talk about what you need in more detail.

Framework Pricing

Framework pricing is available by specific request from our Customer Service Team.  


This agreement has been developed with stakeholders and is designed to enable public sector customers to access all of their office supplies requirements.

It enables customers to achieve savings by buying through a core list of standard specification products.