Office Supplies


10/01/2020 – Update – The new deadline for ITT responses is 10 February 2020 and the expected date of award is 17 April 2020.


This agreement will cover the provision of a full range of office supplies including but not limited to:

  • stationery
  • small office equipment
  • toner for laser printers/fax machines
  • computer accessories
  • various office equipment and supplies
  • envelopes
  • computer accessories
  • photocopier paper
  • ink cartridges.

When setting up a new framework we will use:

  • the standard core terms
  • relevant schedules (some schedules must be used, others are optional).

These core terms will help us draft the final framework.

Importank links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) Read PIN
Contract Notice in OJEU Contract notice
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Activity  Estimated dates
Publication of OJEU 15 November 2019
Tender submission date 10 February 2020
Expected date of award 17 April 2020