Postal Goods and Services

Postal services, such as collection and delivery, international mail, inbound mail and hybrid mail solutions and screening, and products such as mailroom equipment.


14/11/2019 – Replacement framework – This framework will expire on Sunday 16 February 2020. Take a look at the new agreement Postal Goods, Services and Solutions (RM6017) which is due to go live on Sunday 1 December 2019.


This 7 lot agreement provides postal services for the public sector. It includes a range of services, including hybrid mail, whereby correspondence is emailed to a provider who prints, addresses and delivers it.

The agreement was developed with public sector customers, procurement bodies (including YPO and ESPO) and postal goods and services providers.

Access to this agreement will expire 16 February 2020, call off contracts can run until 16 February 2021. Where there is a requirement to lease equipment or software then a lease agreement can run for the duration of the term up to a maximum of six years.


  • One-stop-shop for postal goods and services
  • Set service levels and service credits
  • Toolkit to assist with further competitions.

Products and suppliers

There are 36 suppliers on this framework

Lot 1: Collection and Delivery
The collection and delivery of letters and parcels up to 2 kg within the United Kingdom. Services include sorted & unsorted mail, unaddressed mail and secured mail.


9 suppliers

Lot 2: Hybrid Mail On-Site Solution
A hybrid mail solution within the contracting body’s premises using existing equipment that is owned or leased by the contracting body together with supporting software provided by the successful Service Provider.


12 suppliers

Lot 3: Hybrid Mail Off-Site Solution
The service provider will receive work electronically and provide the printing, enveloping and delivery of mail items. Providers will also offer a range of electronic and physical delivery options, such as SMS or email and providing software if required.


20 suppliers

Lot 4: International Mail Services
Collection of mail items from all areas of the United Kingdom and delivery to addresses worldwide. Services available are bulk international mail, sorted and unsorted international mail, secured international mail and return to sender.


6 suppliers

Lot 5: Franking Machines and Mailroom Equipment
Franking machines new or remanufactured, folder inserters, letter openers, address systems, X-ray machines, scanning equipment, third party maintenance etc. Equipment is available for lease or purchase in the UK.


6 suppliers

Lot 6: On-Site Inbound Mail Solution
Timed delivery, pre-sorted delivery, numbered box services, post opening, mail screening and tracked/signed for services. Digitisation of inbound mail using the contracting body's existing equipment and provide a supporting software package.


3 suppliers

Lot 7: Off-Site Digital Inbound Mail Solution
Digitisation of mail items sent to the contracting body. Opening, scanning and electronic distribution of mail, archiving, destruction and indexing services, mail screening, cherished or valuable document handling.


16 suppliers

How to buy

There are two ways to buy:

1. Further competition

In the majority of cases you will need to run a further competition for your requirements to ensure best value for money. You invite all capable suppliers under the relevant lot(s) to bid, evaluate the bids, and award a contract to the winning bid. The criteria must be transparent to bidders.

2. Direct award

If you are satisfied that a particular supplier can meet your needs, you can make a direct award. However, you do have to meet criteria, for example, using the call off terms and conditions without amendment.

Read the user guides (see documents tab) for more information on further competition and direct awards.


You could get a better deal by aggregating your requirement with other public sector organisations that need the same thing. Read CCS’s Steps to Savings document and brochure on eAuctions (see documents tab).

Alternatively, email CCS Customer Service Centre (, or phone 0345 410 2222 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Pricing and call off terms and conditions

Complete the access agreement (see attached documents) to gain access to these documents. Email it to Write RM1063 pricings – Lot [number] in the subject line.

Prices are maximum prices payable under the agreement. In a further competition, suppliers should offer prices that are equal to or less than the agreement prices.

Duration of agreement

Call off contracts can run for up to two years beyond the expiry of the agreement, that is up to 16 February 2021.

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