Powerful partnerships in procurement

Our dedicated team work closely with strategic partners to ensure effective collaboration across the whole of the public sector in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This includes Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Assembly government departments and non-departmental government bodies, local councils, NHS trusts, police and emergency services, housing associations, schools, colleges, universities and charities.

Our strategic partners include: 

  • Scottish Procurement Directorate and Scotland Excel
  • Construction Procurement Delivery (CPD) Northern Ireland
  • National Procurement Service (NPS) Wales 

Your buying decisions have the power to strengthen your local economy

Collaboration with Centres of Procurement Expertise, such as NHS National Services, Advanced Procurement Universities and Colleges (APUC), Higher Education Purchasing Consortium, Wales (HEPCW), NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) and the Business Services Organisation (BSO/PALS) helps shape our commercial agreements. This ensures we support the needs of the devolved administrations and take account of local policy and legislation. For example, Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, The Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016, Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the Code of Practice.

Current collaborative projects across devolved administration organisations include:

  • Scotland: construction, fleet and liquid fuels
  • Wales: travel and technology
  • Northern Ireland: fleet, technology and construction

We helped the devolved administrations achieve over £66 million of commercial benefits in 2018/19. This is the equivalent of 2,640 band 5 nurses or 2,198 newly qualified doctors. 

Making responsible buying decisions

Our commercial agreements can help you achieve your sustainability and social value objectives and address the risk of modern slavery.

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