The CCS Fleet team are pleased to announce the launch of our new agreement for vehicle lease, fleet management and flexible rental solutions.

Published 5 July 2019

Last updated 21 April 2020

You can continue to support social value and localism through your fleet management, contract hire and flexible rental solutions by working with the suppliers in a way that suits you. You can opt for supply and after sales services from your suitable local dealership or build in added value features into your call off contract.

There is a wide range of vehicles available from cars, 4x4s and motorcycles to vans, light and heavy commercial vehicles, minibuses and coaches. Availability of electric, alternatively fuelled and other ultra-low emission vehicles too. The framework includes everything from standard production vehicles and their options, to specialist modified or fully converted vehicles.

Opt for standard contract hire and lease management, or choose more enhanced fleet management services in a “sole supply” arrangement. Vehicles can be accessed for either operational purposes or as part of an employee benefits scheme, with convenient financial options to suit every need.

This new framework offers you the ability to lease a range of vehicles for 2 years or more, access to fleet management services and options for vehicles hired for 28 days or more, known as flexible rental

What is flexible rental?

Flexible rental describes a way in which you can acquire vehicles and use them within a fleet. In essence, it is the hiring of a vehicle with more flexible terms

Flexible rental offers solutions from 28 days and more, all the way up to 2 years plus. This solution can be used to bridge the gap between vehicles taken onto the fleet for longer periods of time, and those spot hired for short periods.

What are the benefits of using the new framework?

  • competitive discounts – using an average market rate comparator, CCS discounts are currently 11.3% better than the average of the top 10 leasing companies in the market
  • direct award – customers can make a direct award for standard cars and light commercial vehicles via the Fleet Portal
  • online fleet portal – obtain real-time quotations and a full breakdown of costs allowing you to compare options and whole life costs
  • local dealer options – option to use a local dealership for delivery, supporting SMEs
  • environmental and social value – access vehicles of all fuel trains to make available ultra-low emission vehicles, helping you achieve air quality targets.

Total fleet solutions

Our fleet solutions cover the purchase, lease and hire of a wide range of vehicles in fuel trains of all types. This is supported by a range of additional services including vehicle conversions, fleet management and maintenance, tyres and telematics. This helps fleet managers cover the whole vehicle life cycle from vehicle hire to fuel cards and insurance to traffic management technology solutions – we have got all of your fleet needs covered, however big or small.

If you would like to find out more about any of the CCS fleet solutions and how they can support you please get in touch and quote ‘flexible rental’.

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