Discover our latest list of commercial agreements anticipated to be awarded under the new regime.

Published 11 March 2024

Last updated 18 March 2024

The new Procurement Act 2023 received Royal Assent in October 2023, and the Cabinet Office anticipates that the new regime will go live in October 2024.

We are currently considering these timescales as we plan any upcoming procurement activity. 

Please note that the Procurement Act 2023 is not retroactive.  All current live commercial agreements will continue operating under the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR2015). We will operate agreements under both PCR2015 and the Procurement Act 2023 for a period of time; at least until existing agreements expire, are replaced, or cease to exist.  

We are pleased to provide you with the latest priority list of commercial agreements anticipated to be awarded under the new regime.

Commercial pipeline

There are currently 25 commercial agreements on the list, and it is anticipated that their associated tender documentation will be published between October 2024 and October 2025:

  • Space Technology Solutions 
  • Mobile Voice and Data Services 
  • Technology Services 4 
  • DOS 7
  • Multifunctional Devices
  • Transport Technology 
  • Network Services 4
  • Tyres, Glass & Telematics
  • Courier, Distribution, Storage and Specialist Solutions
  • Courier Marketplace
  • Tail Spend Solutions
  • Media and Creative Framework
  • Debt Resolution Services 2 
  • Fuel Card and Associated Services
  • Records Information Management, Digital Solutions and Associated Services
  • Legal Panel for Government
  • Apprentice Training Marketplace
  • Outsourced Contact Centre and Business Services
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Permanent Recruitment Solutions
  • Managed Staff Banks 
  • Estates Management Service
  • Construction Professional Services
  • Security – Physical, Technical and Support Services

The category teams responsible for these commercial agreements are currently engaging customers and suppliers to develop their commercial and procurement strategies. As part of this activity, consideration will be given to developing associated digital platforms and/or contractual documentation to ensure full compliance with the new procurement regime.

As our category teams complete this exercise, there is always the potential for the procurement timescales and the position of the commercial agreement on the list to change.

Awarding commercial agreements under the new regime will be new for everyone, and in CCS, we are adopting new ways of working to ensure all key stakeholders have had the chance to discuss and consider all key dependencies, issues and challenges as well as identifying any opportunities the new regime will bring. This means we will be continually reviewing and amending the priority list.

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