Our new Tyres, Glass and Fast Fit Solutions framework is now live - with some important additions to help you keep your fleet safe and maintained

Published 29 October 2021

Last updated 28 January 2022

Is your organisation’s fleet in peak condition – fully maintained and using quality products and services?

Fleet managers need to operate a safe and efficient fleet, maintained in optimum condition, to keep vehicles on the road and delivering those vital public services.

To do this, there are policy and legislative targets to consider, supply chain constraints and there is always the need to deliver value for money.

Our new framework, Tyres, Glass and Fast Fit Solutions is here to help. It offers a one-stop shop for fleet maintenance, so you can be sure you’re getting quality products and services at the best possible price.

A new framework that offers more 

Our new framework includes our usual offer for tyres but with some important additions.

As a result of extensive stakeholder engagement and market research, carried out with a wide range of suppliers and customers across different sectors, the new agreement is designed to meet all of your fleet maintenance needs.

Products and services include:

  • new fast-fit products and services
  • new tyre management service; selection, inspection and policy plans
  • extra lot for vehicle glass
  • small items such as wipers, bulbs and oils
  • larger equipment such as batteries, brakes and exhausts
  • planned servicing and MOTs
  • diagnostics and repairs

Helping you meet social value obligations

It’s proven that better driving habits can reduce emissions. Smoother driving results in better air quality and prevents accidents, helping to relieve pressure on local emergency services and NHS.

It’s for this reason that all suppliers on our framework are required to be a member of the Driving for Better Business programme. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that your suppliers are demonstrating leadership in the management of work-related road risk while helping your organisation meet Carbon Net Zero by 2035.

Pick and mix from a flexible framework

Tyres, Glass and Fast Fit Solutions is a flexible one-stop shop for fleet operators. Maybe you maintain your vehicles in-house and just want to source tyres and glass. Or you may be looking for compliant and value-for-money, complementary vehicle consumables and services.

Whatever your needs – whether you want to source tyres, glass or vehicle consumables and services – you can pick and mix from the extensive range of products and services available. In doing so, you can be sure you’re getting the right products, at the right price and helping to keep your fleet safe and on the road.

Our fleet team is here to help

We are here to help select the most suitable products and services for your requirements, to keep your fleet on the road and in peak condition.