We can all make better choices to reduce, reuse and recycle the consumer single use plastics (CSUPs) we are personally responsible for at home, but what about CSUPs in public sector workplaces?

Plastic Free July, a global movement to tackle plastic pollution, serves as a reminder of the harmful role plastics play in our increasingly fragile natural environment.  The government has stated it is committed to taking appropriate action addressing CSUP waste through a range of initiatives. The 25-year Environment Plan aims to eliminate avoidable plastics by the year 2042. To achieve this, public sector staff and the supply chain need to work ever more closely together. 

CCS is supporting this ambition. We have worked with suppliers – establishing steps which can be taken to remove CSUPs from new and existing contracts at neutral cost, either through direct savings or as a result of savings elsewhere in the supply chain or waste management process.

Our Facilities Management suppliers have identified key items for phased replacement, and they fall into three broad categories:

Cleaning – e.g. wipes, brushes, scourers, soap, consumables, dishwasher tablets, bags

Catering – e.g. condiment containers, sachets, tea bags, shrink-wrap, milk bottles, bags

Tableware and Takeaway​ – e.g. cups, cutlery, stirrers, straws, takeaway boxes

In order to remove such items from the workplace, suppliers have also identified practical alternatives including:

  • bulk concentrates of cleaning substances which are diluted and decanted into reusable pump-spray bottles
  • foamer soaps in dispensers which go up to 10 times further than liquid soaps
  • reusable and launderable cloths to replace disposable wipes
  • glass milk bottles in smaller catering settings, or large milk bladders in bigger operations
  •  metal, bioplastic, wood and cardboard tableware in canteens
  • a ‘latte levy’ to incentivise reusable cups in canteens

Our agreement is designed to let all public sector bodies take advantage of these solutions and help eliminate CSUPs from public sector purchasing. CCS aims to help public sector bodies navigate the facilities procurement landscape by supporting them to make cost-effective, compliant procurement decisions that benefit their local communities.

For more information and guidance on how your organisation can change the way it sources single use items, download our free whitepaper: The elimination of consumer single use plastics today.