Switch supplier in a few simple steps, without any specialist procurement or energy knowledge.

Published 23 July 2018

Last updated 3 April 2019

School Switch has been developed by Crown Commercial Service, in partnership with GemServ, to allow schools and academies to switch energy supplier online in a few easy steps.

The first of its kind in the Public Sector, the service will be provided in the form of a switching website, similar to those used at home, to provide a flexible, simple route for procuring your energy without the need for specialist knowledge.

You asked – we listened

At CCS, our customers are our priority and we’ve been working hard to develop a switching service that meets your needs. We engaged with customers to understand their issues when sourcing energy and this has helped us shape the service with you in mind.

School Switch offers a range of benefits for your organisation, including:

  • Wide choice of suppliers providing competitive rates
  • Multiple quotes for comparison based on your requirements
  • Access to instant energy pricing for singular meters
  • Bespoke pricing for multiple meters
  • Bespoke tariffs based on your individual preferences e.g. green energy
  • Smart system that stores your meter information and quotes, if desired, for quick and easy use

Save money

School Switch operates a ‘Dynamic Purchasing System’ which provides access to a wide range of suppliers. This promotes competition amongst the suppliers which in turn drives down pricing for our customers.

Additionally, the energy market is a volatile industry and the service enables customers to put in place an agreement with their chosen supplier for a term that fits in with their requirements.

Save time

We understand that your time and resource is valuable and sourcing your energy requirements can absorb much of this.

School Switch has been designed to simplify this process and removes much of the administrative burden associated with it. This means it frees up your time to focus on your core priorities, safe in the knowledge that your energy requirements are taken care of.

Get Involved

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