CCS launches new first of its kind agreement, for data and analytics services and software

Published 30 September 2022

Last updated 30 September 2022

We know data and analytics enables faster, more accurate and more relevant decisions in what can be very complex contexts, and we are beginning to see this act as a catalyst for digital transformation. So it’s no surprise to see data being placed at the core of organisations.

Our newly launched Big Data and Analytics agreement can help give a huge boost and add power to your data and analytics procurement.

  • Power #1 – breadth: a total of 50 suppliers are accessible via the agreement, 46% of which are SMEs – providing access to a range of capabilities across the market
  • Power #2 – depth: use the agreement to access all these suppliers who not only have proven experience and capabilities, but are also equipped to understand, define and deliver your data and analytics requirements
  • Power #3 – flex: buy with flexibility and agility while ensuring value for money – sift a large pool of suppliers to find the data and analytics professional service capabilities you require and run mini further competitions

What data and analytics solutions are available?

Two lots for the agreement have been designed to help organisations access a range of data and analytics products and services. Whatever your needs – whether you want an individual niche work package, an entire data service transformation, a new service build, or a specific product from commercial-off-the-shelf software offerings – you can choose from our set of solutions.  In doing so, you can be sure you’re getting the right products, at the right price and helping to use data more efficiently.

Lot 1 : design, build and run professional services, includes:

  • advanced analytics and cognitive
  • data management and acquisition
  • data risking
  • platforms services
  • reporting and dashboards
  • search and discovery services

Lot 2 : commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, includes:

  • big data management
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • reporting and analytics
  • data mining, risking and science
  • search and data discovery

How do I buy through the agreement?

You can buy from this agreement using direct award and further competition. 

Direct award catalogue listings are available on the government eMarketplace. If this is your first time using the platform, you will need to register for an account. This listing is growing with new supplier service offers being published.

There are three options for running a further competition:

  • use the down-select matrix followed by a further competition to those suppliers who fit your shortlist based on the 6 capabilities (lot 1)
  • run an Expression of Interest (EOI) followed by a further competition to those suppliers who have responded as interested in the opportunity (lot 2)
  • run a further competition to all suppliers (lots 1 and 2)

We recommend that you take part in pre-market engagement before beginning the buying process, as this will help refine your requirement and increase suppliers’ awareness and interest in your potential procurement

Our data and analytics category experts are here to help

We’re here to help you select the most suitable products and services for your requirements.