Did you know that by using the Supply Teachers deal for all your school’s temporary staff needs, suppliers will agree to terms that favour your school? Just complete the short order form

Our Supply Teachers deal gives you access to accredited suppliers with transparent rates, whilst also providing additional benefits such as no temporary to permanent fees after 12 weeks and the peace of mind that all workers have satisfied robust pre-employment and safeguarding checks.

Even if you are already using agencies on the Supply Teachers deal, it’s really important to know that you will only receive these benefits if you have signed the short order form with them.

What is the short order form?

The short order form creates an agreement between you and the supply agency/agencies you want to work with. It helps you to agree to specific terms which are important to your organisation, and receive the benefits of the framework for all your temporary staffing needs. Once completed you can rest assured that all future assignments with the agency will be fulfilled in line with the terms you have agreed.

The short order form is really simple to complete and is the final step in the process. You only need to complete one short order form per agency, not per worker, and there is no limit to the number of agencies you can use.

Our short video guide demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to complete the form. Or you can read a quick guide if you prefer. Either one will help give you the confidence that you can achieve real value for money for your school(s).

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