A simplified procurement route for purchasing on-site generators and uninterruptible power supply.

What does the agreement provide?

Provided as part of our construction and workplace provision, our Standby and Portable Generators agreement will allow customers to access diesel generators via a dynamic purchasing system (DPS). A DPS is a wholly electronic system that is designed to provide access to a pool of suppliers which can be constantly refreshed.

Under this agreement there are no lots, however the DPS allows you to filter the services, as below, to allow you to identify the services you need:

The 4 distinct categories comprise of:

  • Location (Overseas & National)
  • Location (Other)
  • Service Types
  • Product(s)

Other sub-filters include:

  • Rental
  • Pre-delivery and installation
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Warranty and aftersales
  • Standards

OJEU notice

CCS published a tender notice in July 2018, inviting suppliers to join the DPS for this agreement. The agreement is intended to run for 4 years, and may be extended by a maximum of 12 months, in which suppliers can join at any time.

The agreement allows customers to enter into a contract period of any length up to a maximum of 5 years.


Stage                                                                  Date

Publish of OJEU notice:                                    24th July 2018

DPS assurance phase:                                        July – August 2018

DPS go live:                                                       23rd August 2018

Become a CCS Supplier

So why not become a supplier on our Standby & Portable Generators agreement? Simply register here for access to further information and instructions.

If you are a customer and would like to find out more about buying through this agreement, fill in our contact form and quote ‘Standby Generators’.