We have supported a number of UK universities to win back lost revenue. We can help you too

The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been felt all across the public sector, but some universities have been particularly hard hit. With reduced numbers of international students enrolling in September 2020, as well as lost revenue from accommodation, and disruption to research work, universities are facing a challenging academic year ahead.

We have helped many universities to win back lost revenue through our Spend Analysis & Recovery Services (SARS2) framework agreement. Through reviews of accounts payable and utilities spending our framework suppliers have in some cases been able to recover an average of £60,000 for our higher education sector customers. More savings can also be leveraged by reviewing telecoms and temporary staff spending. 

Spend recovery through CCS has never been easier:

  • suppliers conduct their audits on a strict no-win-no-fee basis, meaning that there are no charges at all to pay until you receive the financial benefit of the audit
  • work is conducted remotely and all data analysis and recovery activity is conducted exclusively by the supplier
  • suppliers are sensitive to the uncertainties of the current financial climate and the scope of reviews can be tailored to exclude suppliers that may be struggling financially

All you have to do is provide suppliers with the base data needed for the review – it’s that simple.

For more information about what our Spend Analysis & Recovery Services framework agreement can offer you, visit our web page or email to get in touch with our category team.