Published 4 March 2024

Last updated 14 March 2024

Since its launch in 2021, the Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) PPN 06/21 policy requirement introduced by Cabinet Office has been a great success, seeing over 2,500 CCS suppliers working towards their Carbon Reduction Plans’ compliance

As we review and update the functionality of the CCS website, and in order to preserve consistency and transparency between framework and supplier web search, we will be removing the Carbon Reduction Plan ‘green label’ from individual supplier entries.

This does not change the CRP policy or its implementation. All CCS suppliers approved for frameworks within the scope of the policy are still required to maintain, update and publish their CRPs on their own website.

Customers will continue to be able to view suppliers’ CRP compliance via the supplier’s record on the CCS website as part of their due diligence and this will ensure that the information available is fully up-to-date and consistent following CCS review. 

To check a supplier’s current CRP, open their search entry and follow the link marked ‘Read this supplier’s Carbon Reduction Plan’.