It is more important than ever to support small businesses. The Cabinet Office’s Public Procurement Review Service is one of the measures to support businesses working with government.

Published 28 September 2020

Last updated 27 October 2021

The Public Procurement Review Service investigates concerns from suppliers (and potential suppliers) about public procurement practice and the late payment of valid and undisputed invoices.  

Free and anonymous

It’s a free service and suppliers can remain anonymous, if they want to. Last year 100% of the service’s recommendations were accepted by contracting authorities. Live procurements were adjusted or advice was taken to improve future procurements. 

£8 million reclaimed

Suppliers have been helped to reclaim over £8 million from more than 350 late payment cases, and the service has a 100% success rate for releasing payments on undisputed invoices.  

Raising awareness

To help the service address concerns and issues from businesses, it is vital that stakeholders know about the service. 

You can help by sharing information on your social media channels and newsletters, and by including a link to the Public Procurement Review Service page on GOV.UK in your procurement documents. You can also follow them on Twitter @govpprs and watch and share their YouTube video.

If you have any questions about the service please email