CCS has launched a new marketplace for innovation, providing a smarter way for public sector customers to access the very latest technologies.

Published 11 June 2019

Last updated 11 June 2019

Spark: The Technology Innovation Marketplace has been designed to support cutting edge products and markets that aren’t catered for in traditional commercial agreements.

7 suppliers are already signed up to offer their goods and services, including innovative solutions in AI, the Internet of Things and wearable technology.

Spark will enable customers to use new but proven technologies which can drive public service innovation and cost-savings across the public sector. It is a dynamic purchasing system (DPS), enabling new suppliers to join and add new service offers at any point during the lifetime of the marketplace.

Niall Quinn, Technology Pillar Director at CCS, said: “Spark is the result of a wide-ranging review into how the public sector adopts new technologies. It has been developed to support SMEs through government buying power while stimulating growth in the UK technology sector.

“Because it is a DPS it will be continually open to new suppliers and will have functions built into the system that will help customers and suppliers to match capabilities to their needs.”

Spark was unveiled by the Minister for Implementation Oliver Dowden during the launch of the Government’s Technology Innovation Strategy, in a keynote speech at CogX, The Festival of AI and Emerging Technology, on Monday 10 June.

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Spark: The Technology Innovation Marketplace is now live for customers. For more information, visit the web page or get in touch with one of our technology experts quoting ‘Spark: The Technology Innovation Marketplace’ in the comments box.