Modular construction will have considerable impact on the housing sector in the next few years

With a shortage of labour and rise in cost of materials, modular housing is not only cheaper to build, but can take up to half the time of traditional construction methods. And with the shift in trend moving towards the use of greener materials in construction, modular buildings help minimise waste whilst using recycled and sustainable materials.

Modular is by no means a new form of construction

After the second world war, modular construction emerged in the 1950s as a quick way to build homes. With many houses either damaged or destroyed, modular construction provided a quick alternative to solve the housing crisis. Although this was planned as a temporary measure, many of these houses are still lived in today.

So for many, when we hear the term modular, this often conjures up images of pre-fabricated homes, erected to address the post second world war housing shortage.

Building a more affordable future – the next generation of housing

Today’s modular homes use construction methods which are more sustainable than traditional methods. Not only are they cheaper, greener and easier to build, but with eco features such as solar panels and ground source heating, they have added environmentally friendly benefits and are cheaper to run.

Tackling the UK housing shortage

As the UK faces challenges of housing shortages, modular will play a crucial role with the potential to ease the housing crisis; providing new builds which are quick to build and more importantly, affordable.

The housing sector is set to change. With huge demands on housing, traditional building methods will not be enough to meet demand. The uptake of modern construction methods are rising with the main benefits being high quality, reliable, energy efficiency and affordability.

And with many councils investing in modular, this form of construction could provide the solution to the growing social housing waiting list. From the first pop-up village in London, created to house homeless families, to regeneration schemes in Manchester, modular is set to be the home of the future.

Our Modular Building Solutions framework is now live, developed to provide the housing sector with a low cost solution to their building requirements.

Next steps

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